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5 Mysterious Bible Passages Worth Pondering For Lent or Anytime You Need Stimulation

Check out when God and Satan had a little chat, Jesus possibly making a cameo appearance in Genesis, and the Ark of the Covenant exposed!

Myra Adams


March 9, 2014 - 7:00 am
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Now that the Lenten Season is upon us and the 40 day countdown to Easter has begun, this is good time to review some fascinating Bible stories that are worth knowing and pondering for their deeper meaning.

The three stories selected are personal favorites because they are filled with supernatural mystery and many unanswered questions that baffle Bible scholars to this day.

In all cases Bible quotes are italicized and taken from the widely used New International Version. (NIV)

1. Job 1: 6-12  

This is what happened when God and Satan had a little chat.

Job, the main character in the Old Testament Book of Job, was wealthy and richly blessed. He had a wife, ten children, many servants and numerous flocks. The second sentence in verse 1:1 described him as: “The man was blameless and upright he feared God and shunned evil.”

Job’s celebrity status was further described in verse 1:3,

“He was the greatest man of all the people in the East.” 

Unfortunately, being THAT awesome landed Job in the middle of a famous (and ultimately very painful) smack-down between God and Satan.

Artist: William Blake

Artist: William Blake of Satan tormenting Job


In verses 1: 7-8, Satan, along with other angels presented himself to God. When God asked Satan where he has came from, Satan replied, “roaming through the earth and going back and forth from it.”

Then, because Job was the equivalent of God’s “teacher’s pet,” God bragged about Job to Satan saying,

“Have you considered my servant Job?”

(God is then quoted as saying what was previously stated in verse 1:1)  “There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil.”

However, Satan was not impressed because Satan thought Job’s faithfulness to God was a result of Job living the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Thus, Satan asked God in verse 1:9, “Does Job fear God for nothing?”

Satan explained to God his theory that if Job’s good fortunes were to suddenly disappear then Job would turn away from God.

“But stretch out your hand and strike everything he has and he will surely curse you to your face.” (Job 1:11)

Satan’s words set in motion a classic conflict between good and evil, faith and non-faith. Poor Job was about to get zapped with God’s permission.

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Well, there as another reference to of Melchizidek you didn't mention;

Psalm 110
'The LORD has sworn and will not waver:
“You are a priest forever in the manner of Melchizedek.” '

Which support what the apostles/Early Fathers taught. Melchizedek foreshadowed the importance of the Eucharist. The exceptional nature of Melchizedek's offering-- bread and wine vice blessing/offering the main meal. Christ like Melchizedek's offering/blessing was bread and wine.
51 weeks ago
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Interesting piece. It should help to motivate me to pick up my Bible more often and to discuss the meaning of God's Word with my loving wife!
51 weeks ago
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You know the old saying, "The family that prays together stays together."
51 weeks ago
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Great essay, Myra. Would be great to see more essays of this genre on PJ Media. After all, the Bible is the best selling book of all time and the timeless lessons it provides deserve the attention of thoughtful PJ readers whom you are trying to attract. Keep up the good work! A fan
51 weeks ago
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I thought this was a fascinating article. I however am no Biblical scholar, I only read it in highschool for class so I don't feel I can add to any sort of intelligent discussion I do however look forward to reading the commenters and hopefully more articles like this in the future.
51 weeks ago
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Wow, thanks for your kind message. Did I pay you to write that comment?
Part of the reason why I wrote this piece was to interest readers in Bible mysteries especially those who had not picked it up in years or never had any exposure. Your comment fit exactly into my reasoning, so thanks again for taking the time to respond and for being a PJ Lifestyle reader.
51 weeks ago
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Well since you mentioned it, I do take credit cards and paypal ha!

Well it worked because I was definitely intrigued so much that I'll have to find/buy a Bible to read it cover to cover. The tricky part is getting past the wording....

It's easy being a PJ commenter/reader, I find we have some of the most wise and knowledgable commenters on the web.

The article writers themselves are ok too ;)
51 weeks ago
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The NIV Study Bible is what I would recommend. The notes are excellent and the language is easy to understand. Also, find a Bible Study group to join with a good teacher. You will be amazed at the friendships that will result and the Bible is more fun and meaningful when studied in a group.
51 weeks ago
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Thank I will look into those!
51 weeks ago
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