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8 Ways to Fight Morning Sickness

Combatting the first trimester of suck.

Megan Fox


February 1, 2014 - 7:00 am
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So, I’m pregnant again. Surprise!

And as excited as I want to be, all I can do is fight through each day trying not to vomit in my purse or fall asleep while driving. It’s great. Most people wait until the second trimester to tell people, but in my case there’s no waiting because I can’t make up countless lies about why I can’t get out of bed, why I quit singing at church, why I dropped out of kickboxing, and why I have been basically out of life for the last month and a half. I’m one of those unfortunate people that gets ill and stays ill for about six out of the nine months of pregnancy. Everyone has heard “eat small meals more often” and “keep crackers nearby,” but what happens when those don’t work? If you’re anything like me, you need some tips that you might not have heard elsewhere.

1. Fruit is your friend

There are a two reasons for this:

  •  It’s sweet and tastes refreshing and citrus fruit especially has a scent that is not noxious to your new bloodhound nose.
  • It feels okay coming back up.

Unfortunately, with most things I eat I have to ask myself, “what is this going to feel like on the way back up?” I learned that the hard way during pregnancy number 1 when I ate something heavy and it hadn’t digested before it came racing back up on me. The last thing you want when you have your head in a toilet is to also injure your throat in the process. Think soft fruit, watermelon, pineapple, grapefruit, grapes, fruit yogurt… it’s gross to think about but this is now my life (and I’m sure some of you are having the same problem.) Fruit is also high in nutrients that are good for you and the baby and it’s easy to eat with no preparation time.

2. Healthy shmealthy

All the pregnancy magazines and advice columns go on and on about getting the proper nutrients. Well, that would be great if I could choke them down without projectile vomiting! Thanks for that totally useless advice! We all know moms suffer from guilt naturally so when you’re pregnant you’re terrified you’re going to ingest the wrong thing or not enough of the right thing and…right on cue… there the media is to make you feel like crap!

My baby is going to have three heads because I couldn’t eat spinach! Forget that.

Don’t even read those magazines. Nutrition is important and you can focus on it after you get out of the “morning sickness” stage (which is really all-day-long sickness.) During first trimester Hell, simply eat what tastes good, if you can find anything. Even if it’s boxed macaroni and cheese or chocolate shakes for breakfast. Whatever you can keep down is great, not to mention a great excuse to blow that diet and eat whatever the heck you want for a few weeks. If you can’t do it when you’re sick as a dog and miserable, when can you? I’ve been making banana shakes in the morning with frozen bananas, milk and chocolate powder. They’re awesome. Try it.

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I feel you. Mine hit early due to stress (my mom was hospitalized). I DO work full time, and it's not fun. I sleep 10-12 hours overnight and then that's enough to get me through the day so I can crash when I get home.

Hubby is a gem doing EVERYTHING else, I find sitting helps a little and agree that laying down is the best, though after a few hours I get sore from sitting or laying down too long.

I feel for you, but mine has never been bad enough for my OB to give me anything. I don't puke, just spend 6 weeks pretty much wishing I would. Your fruit trick doesn't work for me because the acid makes it worse.

I'd take puking if it would give me a couple hours of relief. Thankfully mine has always cleared up at 12 weeks.
1 year ago
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Seriously, I don't know how you do it (working). You're amazing. Sorry you're feeling so bad. I hope it clears up for you soon. The soreness from all the laying around is annoying (especially if you were active like I was before this. My body is seriously rejecting all the laziness.) Most doctors these days will give you the medicine if you want to try it. It won't hurt you. I would ask for it. It seriously gave me my life back. Have you tried watermelon? I don't think it's very acidic being mostly water. I always find that watermelon tastes delicious and stays down ok.
1 year ago
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I'm not a huge watermelon fan, but I might try it. I have asked my OB about it for both of my pregnancies so far and she's not terribly forthcoming, though she's great in most ways (she allowed a VBAC for my second). I will likely ask again.

It really can be debilitating. I wanted 4, but if she says no again I'm stopping at 3.
1 year ago
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I say change OBs if she won't let you at least try it. Why make you suffer? There's no prize for it. I really will never understand doctors like that.
1 year ago
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