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Getting Healthy In 13 Weeks

An experiment in breaking cyclical and recurring sickness.

Sarah Hoyt


January 18, 2014 - 8:00 am
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When you start thinking this would be a rest, something's got to give.

When you start thinking this would be a rest, something’s got to give.

Week 1 — Something’s Got To Give


As part of my “taking it easier” with my blog, over at According To Hoyt, I’ve been running ‘blasts from the past’ – i.e. posts a year or more old at least a day a week.  (For instance on Tuesday I posted Jean Pierre Squirrel, from February 2011.)

The interesting thing going through the blog is seeing how many days I curtailed posting or posted briefer or weirder because I was ill.

Now I was aware of having been in indifferent health for the last ten years or so.  It’s nothing really bad or spectacularly interesting, which is part of the issue, because if it were, I could take time off and not feel guilty.  I confess I have found myself at various occasions fantasizing about a stay in the hospital.  Which is stupid, because no one rests in the hospital.  (What I need, of course, is a stay in a remote cottage for a few days. Even if I’m writing.)  And I knew that my health got much worse in the last year.  2013 was the pits, at least since August or so.  But it is not unusual for me to spend every third week “down.” – Usually with an ear infection or a throat thingy or some kind of stomach bug.

My friends have said for years that this is because I don’t listen to my body’s signals to slow down or stop, so it has to bring me to a complete stop by making me too sick to work.

This is part of the reason Charlie Martin and I (in collaboration) are doing a series on taming the work monster.  Part of it is that I have way too much to do, and part of it is that it’s really hard to compartmentalize things when you work from home.  Eventually when we sell the house and move, we’d like to get a place where the office is a distinct area.  It was pretty much all of the attic in our last house, which meant if I came downstairs for dinner (which I did) I didn’t go up again.  But now my office is half of the bedroom (and before someone imagines me cramped in a corner, the bedroom runs the full front of the house.  We just couldn’t figure out what to do with a room that size.  We don’t sleep that much.)  This is convenient in terms of my getting up really early to work, or of my going to bed way after my husband, because I’m right there…  It’s also contributing to a 24/7 work schedule, because I can think “Oh, I should write about that” and roll out of bed, and do so.  There is no “I have to be dressed, as the sons might be roaming the house” and there isn’t (as in the other house) “the attic will be cold.”

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Don't mean to be persnickity, but if you're eating low carb and reducing meat and dairy ... um ... what is it you DO eat? Doesn't sound like much scope there.
1 year ago
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About a year ago on PJM someone had a great column on a couch to 5K running program. I was not in that bad of shape but I always hated running. Still, however, I tried it and lo and behold I was soon running 5K and enjoying it.

So I sort of like running a little bit now. There are other things I like better though, so I have backslide on it.

I went two miles this morning though.
1 year ago
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I did walk four miles a day this week,and lost 3 lbs. It's not wonderful, but given how bad my week was otherwise, I'm feeling a little proud.
1 year ago
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That's great!

Frankly, I think walking is as good as running for basic health. Maybe even better since you are less likely to get hurt.
1 year ago
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Well, I blew out my knee... eighteen years ago, so running is iffy. Sometimes the knee just "goes rubber" under me and I go to the ground. Which is a pity. I used to enjoy long-distance running. BUT as I've just (barely) passed fifty one, it's all for the best, I suppose.
1 year ago
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