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Depression? Or the Onset of Human Transformation?

Part 6 in an exploration of Viktor E. Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning.

Rhonda Robinson


December 17, 2013 - 4:14 pm
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Month after month we sat in the doctor’s office, hoping he would give us our life back.

After suffering a pulmonary embolism his doctor could not in good conscience allow my husband to return to work as a police officer. She believed it too dangerous to be on blood thinners in law enforcement, citing the need to avoid blunt trauma at all cost. In her opinion, a profession that required a bulletproof vest as part of the daily uniform was no longer in his best interest.

Regardless, law enforcement was all he knew. After almost two years of recovery, the days seemed to run together and Mike began to spend more and more time in bed.

Concerned his condition had started to return, I mentioned my observation at the next office visit. With a sincere concern, the doctor asked if Mike needed a prescription. Noticing our puzzled expressions, she clarified, and offered an antidepressant.

We both desperately wanted her to write something on that little pad of hers that would make all of our troubles go away. All she had to write was, “Released to return to duty.” He would have been overjoyed.

Returning to the work in which he found meaning and provided for his own family–that is what he desperately needed. That is what the entire family needed.

Would a pill make the situation acceptable?

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All Comments   (2)
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Very interesting reflections.
Think also about what in anthropology is known as "shamanic disease".
The individual falls sick until a vision or a shaman guide her/him to his/her own special way to become a shaman, and then, when on the way, the disease disappears.

1 year ago
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>>What if the onset of deep dissatisfaction is a natural mechanism that signals the human need for meaning, growth or change? How differently would we approach our troubles, or encourage others?

I don't change, ever, unless I'm so uncomfortable with whatever I'm dealing with it can not be with stood any longer. The interesting dichotomy is between disease and distress. Disease you are given over to the care of others and distress you have more control of your own life.
1 year ago
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