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Blood on Humanitarian Icon Mandela’s Hands

Replacing apartheid with abortion must also be Mandela's legacy

Paula Bolyard


December 8, 2013 - 8:00 am
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Kathy Shaidle did a fine job of Raining on the Nelson Mandela Parade in advance back in July, documenting the former South African president’s history of violence and associations with Marxists and communists. While we’re on the subject, I’d like to continue raining down a little more actual history to mix with the messianic fervor continuing to build around Mandela’s legacy:

I tell you, sir, it will not be 40 years from now and people will question your humanity for legalising abortion.

Those were Peter Hammond’s words to Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela during a 1996 meeting at the South African president’s official residence.

Hammond was born in Cape Town and went into Christian ministry after his service in the South African National Defense Force. According to his biography, he launched ”Frontline Fellowship as a mission of Christians from a military background to serve persecuted churches in communist countries” across the South African border. In the years since they have smuggled hundreds of thousands of Bibles and Christian books into Marxist and Muslim countries. “Peter has been ambushed, come under aerial and artillery bombardments, been stabbed, shot at, beaten by mobs, arrested and imprisoned,” as he has taken his Christian faith into hostile territory. 

Upon learning that F.W. DeKlerk’s government intended to legalize abortion, Hammond helped to organize African Christian Action, perhaps the first pro-life movement begun before the legalization of abortion in a country. In the spring of 1996 Hammond was leading marches to parliament, some estimated at 30,000 people. In May of 1996 Hammond was summoned to meet President Mandela at his official residence.  Hammond gives a stunning account of their meeting:

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Good for Peter Hammond. Mandela showed in more than one way that he had a very faulty moral compass. Apartheid was bad, but for Mandela to say that it was history's "greatest evil" is awfully ignorant.

Of course, we also have a Pope who claims that the worst evils today are how young people have difficulty finding work, and some elderly people are lonely. We're plagued everywhere now by leaders who are fools and scoundrels, and huge numbers of people who worship such leaders.
1 year ago
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There has always been one yawning, unbridgable gap in my admiration of Nelson Mandela. His former wife, Winnie, was implicated in at least 2 murders during their marriage. When Mandela divorced her it was for infidelity, not her penchant for having her opponents executed. She only escaped justice because of her last name and her ability to intimidate potential witnesses.

Sorry, but that is a sticking point for me. If Mrs. Gandhi had hired assassins in her employ or if Mary Todd Lincoln had suggested that her husband's political rivals be burned to death, I would not think well of their husbands for sticking by their sweeties either.
1 year ago
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