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13 Weeks: Frobbing the Knobs

Frob (vt) abbr. frobnicate. To manipulate or adjust, to tweak.

Charlie Martin


December 1, 2013 - 5:38 am
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Okay, look, the first thing is I owe you folks an apology: with the new day job and holidays and a half-dozen other ordinary-life crises, I’ve just not gotten columns done. I’m sorry.

The most important thing I think I’ve learned in the last year has been just how complicated the whole issue of body weight and glucose regulation can be. Here’s just a selection of diets that have had reports of dramatic weight loss and health effects:

  • Low Carbohydrate Diets
    • High Fat
      • Atkins
      • South Beach
    • Low Fat
      • Stillman’s Quick Weight Loss Diet
  • Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load diets
  • Low Fat, High Carb diets
    • Ornish Eat More, Weigh Less
    • The Okinawa Diet
  • Balanced, Calorie Restricted diets
    • Diabetic “Exchange” Diets
    • Weight Watchers
  • Radical Calorie Restriction
    • Scarsdale Diet
    • Duke Rice Diet
    • Protein-Sparing Fasts
  • Intermittent Fasting
    • Fasting 2 days a week
    • Sixteen hour fasts every day.
  • Eating more often
    • Body For Life
    • “Grazing”
  • Dietary Restrictions
    • Eliminating wheat or grain
    • Paleo
    • Vegetarian
      • Ovo-Lacto
      • “Pescatarian”
      • Macrobiotic
      • “Never Eat Anything With a Face”
    • Vegan
    • “Fruitarian”

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All Comments   (3)
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I got a little rotund a few months ago, and the Army objected to that for some reason. I started losing a pound a day on this diet/exercise plan:
Breakfast: 1 cup raisin bran with skim milk, two tablespoons yogurt, one scrambled egg.
Lunch: one package Ritz vegetable crackers and one kippered herring.
Dinner: one salad plate of whatever my wife is cooking.
Exercise: run a minimum of two miles, then walk three miles.

It helps to have the treadmill in front of the TV. I call it "using the power of TV to overcome your weight problem." I dropped 21 pounds in three weeks flat. But really, if you want to lose weight and feel good, just walk five miles a day. You can do it fast or slow, but do like me and park your butt on a treadmill. Increase in physical activity is better than unnaturally restricting your diet.
50 weeks ago
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How about 13 weeks of stories about the "13 weeks" meme having jumped the shark at least 13 weeks ago.
51 weeks ago
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Yes, I think that is right-we have to find the right balance and the right support system. My family doctor uses the BMI index, even though it is my understanding that is as been discredited as a measurement of body fat.

I have increased my amount if exercise, and it seems to be yielding results.
51 weeks ago
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