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Nick DiPaolo’s New Podcast ‘Goes Against the Status Quo’

The "comic's comic" is back "on the air" with a new, uncensored podcast, and a forthcoming DVD of fresh, funny material.

Kathy Shaidle


November 19, 2013 - 12:00 pm
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Around this time back in 2011, I told PJ Media readers that stand up comic Nick DiPaolo and his longtime friend and colleague Artie Lange had signed a juicy three-year deal to host a sports talk show on satellite radio.

As a fan, I was thrilled for DiPaolo.

He’s been stealing every Comedy Central Roast since they began, and was the undisputed (co)star of the late-lamented Tough Crowd.

That’s why I can’t figure out why (in the words of his fellow comedian Joe Rogan) he’s still not selling out arenas.

So obviously I was shocked (and ticked off) when his radio show returned to the air after the Christmas 2012 break — without him.

Why? No one’s talking, even now, probably for legal reasons.

(It took me far too long to learn that you almost never find out the real reason you — or anybody else — gets either fired or dumped.)

The good news is, DiPaolo promptly went back out on the road, which — don’t kid yourself — isn’t as fun as it sounds, especially when you’re, well, not a kid anymore.

(There’s a reason that’s the premise of Adam Carolla’s next movie…)

DiPaolo has also put together a new hour, just recorded his new performance DVD — and he’s launched a new weekly podcast.

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Di Paolo is great. He is at his best when he is reacting to other comics. He was the only reason to watch Tough Crowd. Alas, his podcast sounds like any other suburban complainer coming from his basement to the world. Di Paolo needs a sidekick or a partner to be a sounding board, then he will shine. He is far better than Lange. As far as filling stadiums goes, there may be something to this theory of comedy going more touchy-feely. Maybe consumers see Nick as just another disgruntled old white guy who is out of touch with the times. His comedy is not Louis CK candy ass or otherwise 'trendy'.
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