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Public Library Director Emails Police to Have Me Investigated for Writing a Song about the 2nd Amendment

A 3 year old comedic song is more threatening than public masturbators.

Megan Fox


November 12, 2013 - 9:30 am


This is almost too hard to believe, and if I didn’t have the emailed proof, I flat out wouldn’t believe it. Three days after sending Mary Weimar, director of Orland Park Public Library my complaint and FOIA request regarding the open viewing of pornography in her library and danger to children, she contacted the police to have them investigate a song that I wrote 3 years ago.

This is not a joke (although it is uproariously funny.) Weimar’s entire argument for keeping her pro-public-porn policy is that it is a first amendment right (which it is not)! But she does not understand that writing pro-2nd amendment songs (or handing out fliers on public property) is an actual first amendment right. She’s so worried about it, in fact, (and not about the guys masturbating in her library near children) that she notified the police to have them review my song about shooting a home invader.

Now, frankly, it’s not my best song (I prefer November and who doesn’t love my parody of the TSA?) so I’m a little less than thrilled that I have to publish it again, but it’s further proof of how unhinged these people are that three days after being notified of gross misconduct in their library they turned their full attention toward discrediting, defaming and investigating the messenger.

Weimar to McCarthy redacted

Here’s the song that so concerned Director Weimar that she had to notify police to investigate me. I have never been contacted by the police about this matter, proving that at least one government entity in the Village of Orland Park is not full of insane people.

YouTube Preview Image

THIS JUST IN! Dinging in my inbox approximately 30 seconds ago, Chief McCarthy’s written response to Director Weimar about the constitutionality of my 2nd amendment song. Stay tuned. This is just getting better and better. Until tomorrow…

Megan Fox is a homeschooling mom to her three children and happy wife to her husband of fourteen years. She writes, gardens, composes conservative folk music and enjoys angering "faux feminists" as often as possible.

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This woman is insane! How much longer is she going to continue to defame, distract and deny? The library has a porn problem that has to be addressed...period! And the next problem they better address is the replacement necessity of their "mis"director who is leading them astray.
1 year ago
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That's the problem with liberals; every time you try to satirize them, it turns out to be true.
1 year ago
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Sounds like the director of the Orland Park Library is not only a vindictive cow but a raging hoplophobe to boot. I'll bet that the Orland Park Library like the Park Forest Library has a "No Guns Allowed" sign prominently posted near the main entrance. I would also bet that the director of your library would really "get her knickers in a twist" if she discovered patrons (especially under-aged boys) accessing sites like or on library computers.
1 year ago
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