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A Job Many Women Would Kill For

Hamas tasks their first female spokesperson with the responsibility of putting a human face on the terror organization.

Susan L.M. Goldberg


November 8, 2013 - 3:00 pm
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It’s a Girl!

Hamas’s new spokesperson, Isra al-Modallal, is 23, fun and feisty in a traditional Islamic sort of way. The former correspondent for Iranian television will be Hamas’s new mouthpiece to the West.

Planning to put a motherly face on international media relations, the divorced mother of one said: “I will make the issues more human, and even if [Palestinian] officials do not understand this language, I know Western people will.” She added: “The West does not understand religious discourse the same way they do human discourse.”

Careful to avoid religiously-fueled discourse, Modallal also remarked,

“Most people in the world recognise that Palestinians are humans too so the world will understand our message as refugees and people who live under siege.”

She said she was conscious of the great responsibilities of the role, especially given her age, but insisted her gender was not an issue. ‘Palestinian women take an active role in the street, in organisations, in the media. I have not found any difficulties being a woman. We have all the freedom we need.’”

Modallal was ambiguous, however, when it came to her personal freedom to speak to the Israeli media.

One report stated,

“Modallal said she would not have any dealings with the Israeli media as representatives of the occupying force in Palestine. “There is no way we can talk to them.”

Yet, according to another source:

“The new Hamas spokeswoman said she did not have a problem with talking to Israeli media, in contrast to the policy currently followed by the ousted government and by many leaders of Hamas, though she stressed that she would only do so with official permission.

“If I am given permission, I personally have no problem,” she said.

The Hamas government does not allow journalists in Gaza to deal with Israeli media sources, and many officials refuse to talk to Israeli journalists.”

Modallal does, however, “plan to launch Twitter and Facebook campaigns in the near future to promote Hamas and its policies.” No word yet on whether or not Israelis will be blocked from following these social media sites.

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This is what happens when a culture utterly lacks any tools of self-criticism or doubt and comes to realize the hand they've had in their own fate. They are literally never wrong. Predictably, madness, violence and a disassociation from reality results.
1 year ago
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The same tribal culture that will not consider any criticism or critques of their "religion" more recent than the 12th century...that culture is doomed. It's already in a demographic death spiral. The only real question is how many of us have to die with them while they commit mass suicide. (I acknowledge that it takes a long time for 1 billion people to die off - but it's happened before)
1 year ago
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