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A Black South African Proves Beyond Doubt That Israel Is Not an Apartheid State

The newest 5-minute Prager University course demolishes a malicious lie about the Jewish state. Send it to all your progressive friends.

Dave Swindle


September 23, 2013 - 3:55 pm

Normally when we feature a new Prager University video at PJ Lifestyle we get an introductory blurb from either the presenter or one of our friends over there in what Hugh Hewitt affectionately calls “the Prager salt mines.” But for some of these I’m going to start introducing them myself when it’s a subject especially close to my heart.

Kenneth Meshoe is a member of South Africa’s parliament. He and his parents lived under apartheid. In a matter of minutes he calmly, factually explains why it is so offensive and factually inaccurate to equate Israel’s treatment of Palestinians with white South Africans’ treatment of blacks.

I understand how for Dennis Prager personally — and by extension the institutionalization of his approach in Prager University — the goal is to try to persuade those on the fence to take the baby steps necessary to begin a transition away from secularism, hedonism, and socialism toward biblical values, marriage, and classical liberalism. So in 5 minutes the arguments and facts picked are generally going to be some of the broadest, most universal arguments. It would be bad to try to include more aggressive rhetoric or controversial provocations. That wouldn’t be Dennis — and it’s among the reasons why he’s the best talk radio host working today. He facilitates and models productive dialogue across the ideological spectrum.

That approach is needed today — but not everyone wants to be persuaded. So another approach has emerged — the confrontational, embedded-in-enemy-territory, calling evil by its name, exposing ugliness and corruption, BREITBARTIAN New Media legacy. This ethos today is now best articulated and lived by the true heir to the Andrew Breitbart tradition, the most talented conservative of my generation, Ben Shapiro. (Incidentally, I anticipate Ben, who co-hosts a show from 6 to 9 PST on KRLA-870 here in Los Angeles, will manage to overcome Prager as the best talk radio host within a decade, perhaps sooner if someone with the power to do so wakes up and finally gives him his own daily show.)

In his recent book Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans, Ben articulates how to respond to thuggish intimidation tactics. Bullies will only stop when we fight back — when we punch back twice as hard.

And on this point, the Prager video doesn’t punch back as hard as it could — so I will make the one other argument on the subject of “Israeli Apartheid.” And I will articulate it directly.

Dear My Progressive Friends and Family,

I know my transition from Left to Right over the years after my escape from the academic bubble and experience in the real world has surprised and exasperated many of you. And what confuses many of you even more is, as the question comes so regularly, “Why do you care so much about Israel? You’re not even Jewish!” I can answer this question simply and it always breaks my heart to do it: Your question to me is as morally disturbing — and really no different — than if you asked me, “Why are you so disturbed by the Holocaust? You’re not even Jewish!”

The great Prager University video above explains very well why the claim that Israel is an apartheid state is factually wrong. But I’m going to state in blunter language the moral side of this:

Claiming that Israel is an apartheid state is antisemitic. 

This seems to be a difficult concept for many progressives to understand when I try to explain it. So here’s how it works: antisemitism is when one chooses to treat Jews according to different standards than everyone else. Expect anything more or less from Jews than anyone else and you’re being a bigot.

This applies also to states. Apart from lying about the facts, for one to claim that Israel is an apartheid state while ignoring the very real, unequal apartheid status Sharia law imposes throughout the Muslim world is to be an antisemite. To be only concerned with Israel’s alleged human rights abuses of a Palestinian people who refuse to acknowledge the Jewish state’s right to exist is to be an antisemite.

And my progressive friends, I’m sorry, but you’re not going to get me back to your side. Ever. Because this antisemitism runs too deeply into the origins of progressivism. Now that I understand it I’m so embarrassed that I used to believe it for so many years — and when you start talking about Israel it’s like nails on a chalkboard for me. It’s literally painful to see how effective centuries of propaganda attacks have been at confusing so many otherwise decent people. Karl Marx was an antisemite who constructed his secular ideology as a reaction against his own Jewish roots. And in Lt. General Ion Mihai Pacepa and Professor Ronald J. Rychlak’s new book Disinformation the authors explain how the Soviet Union seeded antisemitism throughout the Muslim world — along with training Yasser Arafat. The Communists also unleashed the Christian Marxist heresy Liberation Theology onto the Western hempisphere, first in Latin America and then rising up into the United States where it would inspire men like the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who would spent 20 years mentoring Barack Obama. Thus the self-hatred of one man in the 19th century set the stage for more than a century of wars against the Jews.

This claim that Israel is an apartheid state is an attempt to get you to not care about the conflict — to think that each side is equally at fault or that the Palestinians have justified reasons to use violence. So often I’ll hear, “Well, they’ve just been fighting over there forever and it doesn’t seem like it’ll ever end so we might as well just stay out more and stop picking sides with Israel.” I suppose you think that’s reasonable because your progressive Jewish friends have that position too, right?

Well here’s the bottom line: if Israel really is an apartheid state, then it deserves — no, needs – to be destroyed and a new, truly liberal government that recognizes the rights of all its citizens should replace it. Agreed? Is that what you think you’ll get by supporting the Palestinian mission to destroy Israel?


David Swindle.

P.S. Please watch all the other Prager University videos about Israel, embedded below. When you are done, then I will answer any remaining questions you have and we can have a friendly, rational discussion about the best ways to bring peace and prosperity and human rights to the Middle East.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

David Swindle is the associate editor of PJ Media. He writes and edits articles and blog posts on politics, news, culture, religion, and entertainment. He edits the PJ Lifestyle section and the PJ columnists. Contact him at DaveSwindlePJM @ and follow him on Twitter @DaveSwindle. He has worked full-time as a writer, editor, blogger, and New Media troublemaker since 2009, at PJ Media since 2011. He graduated with a degree in English (creative writing emphasis) and political science from Ball State University in 2006. Previously he's also worked as a freelance writer for The Indianapolis Star and the film critic for He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their Siberian Husky puppy Maura.

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1 year ago
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Swindle, you great guy -- I had no idea you weren't Jewish. Well, I thought you looked a bit odd for a Jew and I couldn't quite reconcile your last name, but, hey, that's ok. Anyway, just great to have you over here on our side of things.

So, a belated "welcome" to you -- and as well to Ms Shaidle -- I had also thought to myself, what an odd Jewish name, until I read she was a so-called "RelapsedCatholic" on her blog ;-) Great description, I love it Kathy.

Regarding Mandela -- you just can't pick at the idol of an entire group of people like him. It would be like bringing up all of Martin Luther King Jr's foibles whenever you discussed him regarding some larger point -- it just doesn't make sense. Now perhaps there is more to Mandela's background than I know -- and perhaps my comparing him to MLK is "incorrect" in some sense. I do remember hearing some nasty things... But still, unless it's truly egregious, one has just got to leave those things alone, you know?
1 year ago
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A counter argument to
"A Black South African Proves Beyond Doubt That Israel Is Not an Apartheid State"
"Apartheid is based on the establishment and maintenance of a regime of institutionalized discrimination in which one group dominates others. In the case of Israel, Zionist ideology is the driving force behind the ongoing Palestinian reality of apartheid. Not limited to the occupied Palestinian territory, the Israeli regime also targets Palestinians residing on the Israeli side of the 1949 Armistice Line (known as the Green Line) and millions of Palestinian refugees living in forced exile while promoting Jewish-Israeli colonization to the expropriated land. As such, the Palestinians, wherever they reside, are collectively exposed to one coherent structure of Zionist apartheid. That structure discriminates against Palestinians in areas such as nationality, citizenship, denial of reparation (return, restitution and compensation), residency rights, and land ownership. This system originated in 1948 in order to dominate and dispossess all forcibly displaced Palestinians, including the 150,000 who were able to remain within the “Green Line” and who became Palestinian citizens of Israel. The occupation of the remaining part of Palestine by Israeli forces in 1967 subjected the Palestinians living within that territory to the same Zionist apartheid regime.
The findings of the South African session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine concluded that Israel’s practices against the Palestinian people constitute the crime of apartheid within all of Palestine (also referred to as Mandate or historic Palestine)."

The full case is made here:
1 year ago
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when jimmy carter got dementia he actually thought up this lunatic blood libel.
1 year ago
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Mandela was like being caught between a rock and a hard place. That what he was fighting against was definitely bad cannot be denied but was what he was for better? I don't hear much about South Africa lately so I can only hope they have found their way to a better life.

As to Israel being an apartheid state, that is simply ludicrous propaganda. I mentioned in another thread that I thought a good catch phrase would be Mohammad lied, millions died. I cannot bring myself to believe any God would preach such hate against another people. Mohammad was afraid of the power of the Jewish people and their ability, if they joined together, to destroy what he was building. Unfortunately they didn't and he was able to deceive enough followers to get his idiocy off the ground. Due to his teachings of hate toward the Jews the Muslims are too easily swayed to blame the Jews for all the short comings of their own culture. For Islam to survive the people must be totally dominated and to see a free Israel undermines this domination.
1 year ago
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"I don't hear much about South Africa lately so I can only hope they have found their way to a better life."
Unfortunately not, as Kathy Shaidle demonstrated a few months ago:
1 year ago
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"Israel is an Apartheid State" reminds me of when I was in the old USSR and wondered why the the Communist Party maintained such ridiculously false positions as, e.g., there is no crime in the USSR, or no prostitution, no poverty, excellent health care, etc., etc. Things which were obviously false and to me made the regime look ridiculous. Not at all, a savvy dissident explained to me: controlling the social construction of reality makes the regime look all-powerful and resistance appear futile. Will it work as long for our progressives as it did for the Soviets?
1 year ago
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iHW: You make a good point. But before we can talk accurately about what Israel IS, it is necessary to clear out the lies and misinformation about what Israel is NOT. Otherwise, you are confronted with someone who says "but Israel is an apartheid state"... and assumes that this ends the argument.

Yes, it is important to teach that Israel has contributed more to the world, and to the well-being of people worldwide, than the entire Arab world combined. It is important to teach that the atrocities Israel is accused of, which are almost universally false, are lesser than those provably committed by Israel's enemies. It's important to remember that Israel is a world leader in innovation, in science, in technology, in medicine; that Israeli volunteer disaster relief goes all over the world; that Israel promotes equality and human rights to a degree that staggers the imagination. (Palestinian gays fear for their lives. Where do they run? To Israel, of course... the only Middle Eastern country with annual Gay Pride parades.)

In fact, Israel stands head and shoulders above her enemies and her detractors... and always has.

But before any of that can stick, we need to wipe the slate of the untruths that would get in the way -- such as the ridiculous slander that "Israel is an apartheid state". As Mr. Meshoe points out, black South Africans, living under apartheid, would have been delighted to live as Palestinians in Israel do.
1 year ago
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Maybe one doesn't want to go where I am going, but I think this message misses something.

Mr. Meshoe points out correctly that South Africa is NOT an apartheid country. So Israel is acceptable. But support for Israel requires more than saying what Israel, of course, is not.

In other words his is a Leftist's dream of a "safe" black man. He is clearly and rightly anti apartheid, but that is about as far as it goes. He likes the Stalinist Mandela and can see no other African and no other African movement that would have been better - for all - across all measures of what being better is.

I remember once a speech by Mandela where he said something like "But they must let us etc". And I thought Let us? Just do it. Clearly the first nonnegotiable requirement had to be to dismantle apartheid. But once apartheid is dismantled a "let us" mentality is the opposite of empowerment.

1 year ago
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Concise cogent argument. Sadly, this will never see the light of day in our public schools but the apartheid slander is common.
1 year ago
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Nice, logical argument - unfortuantely logice rarely works on Progressives.
1 year ago
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