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Never Forget Vogue‘s Vile Propaganda for Syria’s Glamorous Monster

Last year, Claudia Rosett gave a memorable speech at the Walter Duranty Awards that's especially timely as the debate about war in Syria continues.

Dave Swindle


September 4, 2013 - 7:44 am


Many thanks to PowerLine Blog for Monday’s post “The Presience of the Walter Duranty Prize.” The always thoughtful John Hinderaker recalled the winner of last year’s Walter Duranty Award for Journalistic Mendacity, Vogue’s Joan Juliet Buck and Anna Wintour for their unconscionable article “Asma al-Assad: A Rose in the Desert.” Hinderaker excerpts from Claudia Rosett’s speech, juxtaposing with the photos of John Kerry dining with the mass murderer. I appreciated this one in particular:

Instead, Vogue showcased as a breathless scoop a portrait of Syria’s ruling couple as a pair of classy and benevolent aristocrats; the kind of couple any self-respecting member of the global elite could admire and endorse without violating standards of either morality or the latest trends in Parisian footwear.


Visit PowerLine to read more. (And I shouldn’t have to tell anyone this — you should know by now that the PowerLine guys should be on your #ReadEverythingTheyWrite list.)

David Swindle is the associate editor of PJ Media. He writes and edits articles and blog posts on politics, news, culture, religion, and entertainment. He edits the PJ Lifestyle section and the PJ columnists. Contact him at DaveSwindlePJM @ and follow him on Twitter @DaveSwindle. He has worked full-time as a writer, editor, blogger, and New Media troublemaker since 2009, at PJ Media since 2011. He graduated with a degree in English (creative writing emphasis) and political science from Ball State University in 2006. Previously he's also worked as a freelance writer for The Indianapolis Star and the film critic for He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their Siberian Husky puppy Maura.

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51 weeks ago
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asma claims to be the real dictator in the assad household:

while this comment was made partly in jest, one has to wonder how much input she has over her husband's actions. she is tough.
51 weeks ago
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Honestly, I'm not one to vilify the guy or his wife. Sure, they aren't really deserving of any kind of massive praise, but let's put the facts as they are. By all accounts Bashar Assad wasn't exactly chomping at the bit to be dictator. But, in that kind of world, even if you renounce interest in the role, your choices are seize power, or risk getting killed by those who do and see you as a potential threat. And, all ugliness aside (and it is myriad), as rif points out, the Assads have a history of at least taking out their fury primarily on Islamists. This was the Arabic leader who at least shook the Israeli PM's hand at John Paul's funeral.
Won't be inviting him to dinner (unlike our Sec. of State), but I'll take him over Al Qaeda any day.
51 weeks ago
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Well Asma al-Assad is probably a lot less evil than Hilary Clinton. Bashar Assad is a dictator, that is for sure, but he did try to modernize Syria, unfortunately Syria like many other ME countries was hit very hard economically by rising commodity prices, particularly cereals. This caused civil unrest as it would have anywhere, but in the ME the unrest was manipulated by sinister interests ( the US and Saudi Arabia particularly) to create this chaos we now witness. And which is now requires us to directly support the Al-Qaeda and criminal gangs that largely are the Syrian opposition.
51 weeks ago
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Thank you for writing about this. The "Rose in the Desert" piece has been on my mind for several days. It's beyond wishful thinking to hope that the LSM will cover any of the elite cozying up... primarily because they are a party to it.
51 weeks ago
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