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Revived Whose Line… a Hit, But Something’s Missing

Without Drew Carey as host, the revamped Whose Line Is It Anyway? isn't as much fun as the classic original series.

Kathy Shaidle


August 8, 2013 - 11:00 am
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Whose Line is it Anyway
Hearing screams coming from my mother’s apartment, her neighbor ran down the hall and banged on her door.

My mom answered, reassured her pal that everything was fine — and quickly got rid of her.

Her show was on!

My mother wasn’t being raped or murdered or anything, just laughing at one of her favorite TV programs (and mine): the “old” Whose Line Is It Anyway?

That is, the American improv comedy series hosted by Drew Carey that aired for nine seasons starting in 1998.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? was one of those British television imports-adaptations (like All in the Family and Chico and the Man) that surpassed the original.

Improv purists won’t agree.

(Hell, they hate pretty much everything.)

For them, Whose Line…? is to “real” long form improv what the Partridge Family were to the Beatles.

For the rest of us, though, it was appointment television.

Few shows have ever made me laugh so hard.

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All Comments   (4)
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There's a misprint in your title: it should have read "Without Clive Anderson as host, the revamped Whose Line Is It Anyway? isn't as much fun as the classic original series."

Drew was a poor substitute for Clive; Anderson's deadpan host delivery made the show, and was a brilliant counterpoint to Ryan and Colin's antics. I never liked when Drew tried to get involved -- it just made it painfully aware that he was NOT an improvisational genius. The only version of the show that most Americans have seen was a pale shadow of the original. The addition of Wayne Brady was the ONLY saving grace of the American version. Tyler just removes the show one more step away from the magic chemistry that made the original work. I shan't be watching.
1 year ago
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I loved the Drew Carey hosted Whose Line from 1990s into the 2000s. While I have nothing against Ms. Tyler, she's just not funny. She has no sense of timing or rapier wit.

The product is only as good as it's sum participants. With no Drew Carey, their is no "Ho-Down" at the end of the show, where the leader/coordinator/emcee participates and shows their comedy prowess. Finally, their are too many "guest stars" repeatedly show up , ruining most of a show's skits.
1 year ago
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The reason I laughed so hard at the "old" version of this show was because of Drew Carey's infectious laugh...if he really got going, I was gone. It didn't matter whether or not what they were doing was particularly funny to me (although it usually was), his laugh was enough to make me laugh.
1 year ago
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My only big complaint with New Whose Line is the compulsion of the CW to put a TV star on every episode, it seems (on the U-Verse guide, the episodes are named after the actors). While some of them are quite good at it, part of the charm of the original show comes from the truly amateur audience members getting in on the act. I'm not thrilled with Tyler at the helm, but I'm giving them a pass by considering that Carey's probably under contract to not leave CBS.
1 year ago
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