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Monday Night Book Reading:

Quote of Note: “Moses used serpents to prove that he was a more powerful ‎magician ‬than the Pharaoh’s magicians.” — Chapter 8 of Taboo: Sex, Religion, And ‪‎Magick by Christopher S. Hyatt and Lon Milo Duquette


Tuesday Morning News Round Up:

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Victor Davis Hanson: Lying in the Age of Obama

The attorney general of the United States lied recently to Congress. He said he knew of no citizen’s communications that his department had monitored. Lie!

In fact, Holder knew that his subordinates were targeting reporters. He also did not tell the truth about the New Black Panthers case. He had sworn that there was no political decision to drop the case. Not true; the decision came from the top. He again lied about the time frame in which he first learned of the Fast and Furious case.

The director of national intelligence also lied, likewise while under oath to Congress. At first James Clapper confessed that he had given the“least untruthful” account.

Nixon’s Washington used to call that sort of neat lie “a modified limited hangout.” Later, Clapper admitted that he had just flat-out lied to Congress. Was he disgraced? Fired? Further confirmation of his “largely secular” lie?

Nope. Nothing followed.

Elizabeth Warren simply invented an entire pedigree. That blatant lie helped to earn her a Harvard tenured professorship and a U.S. Senate seat. Ward Churchill was doing well until he dared the country to call out his lies. Who is to say that Warren or Churchill cannot be Native Americans by professing to be Native Americans?

Barack Obama, as is the wont of politicians, has lied a lot — and from the very beginning of his national career. He knew Bill Ayers well, Tony Rezko too. He lied about his decision not to seek the presidency as a newly elected senator, and lied about his willingness to take public campaign financing funds in 2008. He misled about what he would shortly do about most of the Bush-Cheney anti-terrorism protocols. Obama lied about much of his own biography.

Jack Dunphy: The Many Misperceptions of the Martin-Zimmerman Matter

Angela Corey

The political tides were such that the decision by the Sanford police not to arrest and charge Zimmerman could not be allowed to stand.  Once Al Sharpton gets his No Justice-No Peace Hallelujah Chorus mobilized and in full throat, there are few politicians in the country of either party with a spine so stiff as to turn a deaf ear to the clamor.  And Florida Governor Rick Scott dutifully fell in line with the appointment of Angela Corey as special prosecutor for the case.  Corey would soon reveal herself as less than professional in the press conference (video here ) in which she announced the murder charge against Zimmerman.

She seemed just a bit too happy to be on television as she spoke of the “search for justice for Trayvon,” invoking the phrase that has become all too familiar.  And in using that phrase she gave her game away, forgetting her obligation to seek justice for all concerned, including the defendant.  As I wrote a year ago, the charging affidavit submitted by Corey’s office was a shoddy piece of work, one that Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz described as “if not perjurious, completely misleading.”  I found it unfathomable that in a case as noteworthy as this one, prosecutors would submit such a poorly prepared document.  Now we know it wasn’t an aberration.

Compounding her lack of professionalism, Corey tried to sandbag exculpatory evidence and fired the man who dared to reveal it.  And despite Zimmerman’s acquittal, Corey arrogantly labeled him as a “murderer” in an interview with CNN (video here).  “[Corey] was among the most irresponsible prosecutors I’ve seen in 50 years of litigating cases,” Dershowitz told Mike Huckabee, “and believe me, I’ve seen good prosecutors, bad prosecutors, but rarely have I seen one as bad as this prosecutor, [Angela] Corey.”  I’ve only been a cop for 30 years, but even if I hang on for another 20, I doubt I’ll find cause to disagree with Dershowitz’s assessment.

Ahmed Kamel: Egypt’s New Cabinet Faces Overwhelming Economic Troubles

Next Generation: Allen West: Trayvon Martin Outrage Masks Real Crisis in Black Community (Video)

Boris Zelkin: The Passion of Trayvon Obama

President Obama wasn’t just cynically fanning the flames of racial tension in this country. The “I am Trayvon” press conference was a much-needed opportunity to save his otherwise crippled second term agenda, which has been gelded by the IRS, NSA, Benghazi, and AP scandals. The New Obama is no longer the patriarch worried for his imaginary son — with “Trayvon Martin could have been Me,” now he is little Trayvon. He is the poor misunderstood young black boy walking home in his hoodie with a pack of Skittles in his hand. His agenda is as innocent as the cherubic face of the 12-year-old Trayvon the media keeps showing us. His opponents, meanwhile, become Zimmerman. A man without a first name who judges, profiles, stalks, and ultimately kills the innocent.

This presidential evolution from Trayvon’s father to Trayvon himself doesn’t just protect the agenda, it sets the stage for the tone of the discussion that will ensue as history looks back on this presidency. By becoming Trayvon, by portraying himself as the victim, Obama has virtually guaranteed that all discussion of his legacy be seen through the prism of his race rather than his accomplishments — or lack thereof. He wants the black community, which is the most affected by the Trayvon verdict, to see him as the young boy gunned down simply because he was black. Obama has guaranteed that real discussion of his legacy among that community becomes all the more difficult.

Bridget Johnson: Mired in Dysfunction, POW-MIA Recovery Falling Woefully Short

Aaron Hanscom: Introducing Comments on

Ed Driscoll: Oh, That Death of the Grown-Up

The death of the grown-up was next documented by AP, which reported that “Hours after President Barack Obama delivered remarks about Trayvon Martin and the George Zimmerman trial, Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson addressed the racially charged case at Comic-Con in San Diego.”

Because yeah, nothing says “Serious, you guyz!!!!” like talking about an self-defense incident that’s been morphed into an extended racially-polarizing Two-Minute Hate by the president and allies in the MSM and Hollywood, at an event stuffed with permanent teenagers wearing Batman and Spider-Man costumes and Star Trek uniforms.

Also this weekend, a leftist MSNBC anchor wore tampons as earrings while on the air. No, really.


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Becky Graebner: Why We Love to Hate Politicians

Walter Hudson: Folly of the Jedi

Indeed, when you go back and view the original trilogy within the context of the prequels, the saga becomes an affirmation of rationally conceived familial attachment, and thus a damnation of the Old Republic’s Jedi. Think of it. A New Hope is literally born of the forbidden love between Anakin and his bride. Despite the best conspiratorial efforts of the remaining Jedi – Yoda and Obi-Wan – the familial relationships between Luke, Leia, and Anakin come to light and dictate each character’s behavior.

Recall that Yoda and Obi-Wan never change their tune. The latter outright lies — or tells the truth “from a certain point of view” — to keep Luke from developing an familial attachment to Vader. The former continues to encourage Luke to let go of attachments. As much as the original trilogy introduces Yoda and Obi-Wan as wise old wizards with a master plan, in the end, their effort turns on its head. Their plan to train Luke like any other Jedi and send him to destroy Vader and his emperor falls flat. Luke does not defeat Vader through serene detachment, but by channeling a righteous rage in defense of his sister. Following suit, the good in Anakin reemerges from the vestige of Darth Vader when drawn out by paternal attachment to Luke.

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