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Allen West: Trayvon Martin Outrage Masks Real Crisis in Black Community (Video)

Col. West on the media spectacle surrounding George Zimmerman's trial

Next Generation


July 23, 2013 - 12:21 am


Col. Allen West explains that, while tragic, Trayvon Martin’s death should not be the reason that the Black community is marching in the streets. Black unemployment, gang crime, health problems, and abortion rates are plagues upon Black people across the country. West speaks about the media spectacle surrounding this trial, and addresses the fact that most pundits and civil rights leaders are ignoring these major concerns that the Black community should have.

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there can be no discussion of race and this issue until the blacks/libs/dems realize that a hispanic man was assaulted by a person that wanted to give him a whoop ass, and completely ignore the assault on Zimmerman as being a youth doing nothing wrong.

Sorry, being a youth, bigger than someone else and looking to put a whoop ass on that person is wrong, criminal and a sign of a bully/

then we hear that he had the gun drawn and was looking to kill, projection and lies, or we hear that zimmerman hit first, really stupid that this man would hit first a person bigger than he was, and with police on the way. But then logic, common sense and rational thought seem to be sadly lacking in the libs/dems/black minds
1 year ago
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It would be nice if West said something nice about Zimmerman such as that it was unjust to says he was motivated by race in the shooting and that murder charge was based on political pressure rather than evidence. It would also be nice if he said the Sanford PD was right in the first place.
1 year ago
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