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When Facebook Met Netflix…

Pretty soon you'll be able to link your accounts. Good or bad?

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March 13, 2013 - 8:20 am
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via Netflix, Facebook hook up in U.S. at last | Internet & Media – CNET News.

It was a long time coming: Netflix users in the U.S. can now reveal their viewing habits and tastes to their Facebook friends.

Netflix announced today that its U.S. members will be able to connect to Facebook and agree to share favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix. The company will be turning on the feature “over the coming days” and expects that all U.S. members will have access to the social feature by the end of the week.

“By default, sharing will only happen on Netflix,” Cameron Johnson, director of product innovation at Netflix, wrote in a blog post. “You’ll see what titles your friends have watched in a new ‘Watched by your friends’ row and what they have rated four or five stars in a new ‘Friends’ Favorites’ row. Your friends will also be able to see what you watch.”

Worried that your friends will now know you’ve got a thing for the lesser works of Sylvester Stallone or the outre offspring of the racy Russ Meyer? Netflix wants to reassure you that that doesn’t have to happen.

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All Comments   (5)
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My first thought: Netflix is obviously paying Facebook for the ability to do this.

My second thought: how much of my monthly Netflix fee is going to paying for this?

The important thing to remember about Facebook: Users are not the customers. Users are the Market. Paying advertisers are the customers. Facebook's job is to bring the market to the customers.
1 year ago
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Just the annoying trend continuing. This market is being driven by extreme extroverts/narcissists at the top in these companies and also the main users. They think every little they they do is so grand they just have to tell everyone about it. At the same time studies have shown that narcissism is sharply rising, particularly amongst the young.
1 year ago
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If I want my friends to know about a movie I watched, then I'll tell them about it myself. Why do I need Netflix to do it for me? This is almost enough to force me to cancel my Netflix account! (I am seriously thinking about it.)

To Netflix and Facebook - STAY OUT of the minutia of my life!
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
Facebook exhibitionism is becoming an epidemic. Why would you want everyone knowing what movies you're watching?

I'm amazed and disgusted by the lengths people to to expose themselves and their activities on this medium. Its ultimate catnip for narcissists.
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
You beat me to it. I post some things on Facebook, mostly news stories and conservative articles for family and friends who might otherwise miss them, but what I do otherwise is my own business. If a movie is good enough, a rarity, then I'll mention it or I'll speak to them in person and see if they'd like to get together and watch it.
1 year ago
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