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Grown Women Don’t Read Twilight: Here’s an Alternative (That Just Might Save America)

Women rush from one triviality to the next, consume gossip and trash, then wonder why America is falling apart. Time to put your brain on a diet.

Kathy Shaidle


January 17, 2013 - 7:00 am
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So last week I ragged on guys for reading comic books and playing video games and consuming instead of creating and basically committing slo-mo suicide in a miasma of onanistic escapism.

I just know lots of female readers were going, “Right on! I am so forwarding this to my husband!!” — then they got to the last line of my article, about how I was going to rake Today’s Woman over the coals next.

Trouble is: the ladies who need to read this article aren’t on the internet right now; they’re at a “spa,” trying to decide between the “Brazilian” and the “Californian.”

Or if they are on the web, they’re at another site reading about Kim’s baby, or inhaling Harry Potter fan-fic, or uploading topless pix of themselves.

PJ Media’s female readers are presumably politically engaged, well-informed and — just a guess — not too skanky.

So I’m preaching to the converted rather than the perverted.

I hope.

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