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The Amazing Spider-Man’s New Lizard Poster May Upset Your Inner Fanboy

"Here's a character our target audience has enjoyed for decades. Let's change him!"

Duane Lester


April 29, 2012 - 1:10 pm

As a comic book fanboy, it always irritates me when Hollywood thinks they can improve on something that has worked for decades. Take this poster for The Amazing Spider-Man:

What logic puts a human face on The Lizard? So he looks more like a human? He’s a super-human monster in a comic book movie, for Pete’s sake! And where’s the lab coat?

I do like the international poster, though:

And I like that they went with a skinny kid. Truer to the book.

Another thing they are getting right in this one: The web-shooters look awesome!

Duane Lester is a freelance writer and homeschool dad for his six children. He also blogs at All American Blogger.
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