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Nina Yablok


January 19, 2012 - 7:12 pm

There you are, watching The Game… or A Game.  It’s cold, as it is when watching The Game, but your throat is dry and scratchy from yelling.  A man heads your way selling beer.  Do you: A) Hold the beer with your mittened hands, and hope you don’t drop it; or B) Take off your mittens and freeze your fingers?  Well now you have a third choice.

Skuzzi Mitten-Cup Holder


The Skuuzi is a warm (looking) mitten with a built in beer-bottle (or cup) holder.  We live in awesome times, don’t we.  It doesn’t get much better than this.  Oh hang on… I don’t go to football games (you can see better on TV), I don’t live in Green Bay, and I don’t drink beer. Oh well, it’s still an terrific invention.

The Skuuzi company’s website touts this as a Scandinavian koozi (beer can keeper-cooler thingie). But Skuuzi apparently, or at least on their US Trademark office application is run out of a townhouse in Greenwich Village. It worked for Haagen Dazs.

Nina Yablok is the owner of The Law Office of Nina Yablok, a business and corporate law firm in Milpitas, California (near San Jose) specializing in representing privately held businesses. She has been the PJ Media attorney since its inception. Nina’s been active with both the State Bar of California and Santa Clara County Bar Association’s Business Law sections. She has written and lectured extensively in the areas of independent contractor disputes and business start-ups.
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