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Five Ways to Increase Your Productivity by Working Less

Tip 1: Farm out boring work to others.

John Hawkins


October 24, 2011 - 12:00 am
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I own or co-own five websites: Right Wing News, Linkiest, Viral Footage, Trending Right, and The Looking Spoon. I write weekly columns for Townhall and PJ Media along with a weekly post for the Huffington Post. I’m also on Twitter here and here, G+, and Facebook. I do 1-3 hours of radio appearances and get 1000 emails in an average week and I also have a hand in a GOP fundraising project that I co-founded called Raising Red. That’s in addition to socializing, dating, working out, consulting, reading, watching TV, writing a book, eating, sleeping, relaxing, and everything else I do in a week.

How do I do all of that? It’s not easy. But here are a few hints that you can hopefully adapt and apply in your own life.

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