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Ed Driscoll

Three Days of the Schadenfreude

August 6th, 2014 - 11:43 pm


It will happen this way. You may be walking. Maybe the first sunny day of the spring. And an IRS staff car will slow beside you, and a door will open, and someone you know, maybe even trust, someone like Lois Lerner, will get out of the car. And she will smile, a becoming smile. But she will leave open the door of the car and offer to give you a lift.

—Frequent Hot Air commenter “Bishop,” in the comments thread for Mary Katharine Ham’s post, “Robert Redford sues to get his $1.6 million back from the Fair Share pot in NY.”

And huh — veteran leftie Robert Redford’s paranoia about Big Government — as seen in many of his films such as All the President’s Men, Three Days of the Condor, Sneakers, Lions for Lambs, and The Company You Keep finally is proven right, as one of the best-known limousine leftists in the world gets mugged by big, out of control government.

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Re: But she will leave open the door of the car and offer to give you a lift.

"KGB have better cars, you know.

Ah, but they don't always take you where you want to go, do they?"

Gorky Park
29 weeks ago
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Redford's a Utahn like Hillary's a New Yorker.

As far as I'm concerned, these self-professed internationalists should be simultaneously taxed by every geographicality in the world. After all, they claim to belong to and represent all of them!
29 weeks ago
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They filmed one exterir scene for "Three Days of the Condor" in the Manhattan apartment complex I lived in back in the 1970s (which ended up at best with five seconds of screen time), but other than that 1-2 other examples, Redford's desire to paint himself as Mr. Environmentalist over the years means his ties to New York are scant at best, as compared to other militant lefty actors like Susan Sarandon or Alec Baldwin.

But the sad part -- given the liberals running New York right now and their giiddy schoolgirl attitude towards Hollywood and celebrities in general -- is that Redford is probably still better than even odds to get is $1.5 million tax bill written off, because he's Robert Redford and people like de Blasio or Cuomo will end up gushing over them, because they think their core voters do the same thing (see the eight-figure tax break New York just gave CBS to keep Stephen Colbert's show in the Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway as the most recent example of liberals getting other liberals out of paying their share of the high taxes liberals claim everyone should be paying).
29 weeks ago
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