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Ed Driscoll

Blue Falcon

July 30th, 2014 - 4:40 pm

Bryan Preston proffers his take on Jesse Ventura’s lawsuit against the widow of the American war hero and American Sniper author Chris Kyle:

Jesse Ventura is a clown, was a terrible governor, and is a full-blown 9-11 Truther. He also sued the widow of America’s most successful military sniper.

Nothing can restore a reputation that Ventura himself ripped to shreds years ago.

Mrs. Kyle is considering appealing the jury’s non-unanimous verdict against her late husband.

When even Anderson Cooper can figure this one out (as seen in the above Tweet), you know you’ve really [insert your favorite NC-17-rated euphemism for making a dreadful mistake here].

For my interviews last year with Chris Kyle’s widow Taya, and American Sniper co-author Jim DeFelice, click here.

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An astounding verdict since Ventura's previous actions were such no reputation to harm. Makes me wonder about the jury. Does anyone have their demographic?
31 weeks ago
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Jesse Ventura meet Barbara Streisand effect.

Congrats, Jesse. You're now officially the biggest Blue Falcon since John Murtha.
31 weeks ago
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