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Ed Driscoll

Tweet of the Day

July 19th, 2014 - 3:24 pm

I hope they’re both put out of their misery, the latter merely rhetorically, of course.

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Any help for the kid over here??

I cannot ever access Twitter images. They do not download. It does not matter if I use Chrome or Firefox, it does not matter my Flash status (videos are fine), it does not matter if it is off of PJMedia or a blog completely unrelated or whatever..... if it is a twitter link, I cannot see the pic.

I don't use Twitter in general. Do I have to sign-up/download something here, or what? I thought I did briefly at one time but.....

Any help from the peanut gallery?
32 weeks ago
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Hamas attacks Israel: Not surprising.
(Black silhouette of Hamas rocket graphic)

The New York Time attacks Israel: ALSO not surprising.
(Black silhouette of fountain pen graphic, same size, general shape as rocket graphic.)

Stop skewing facts.
Stop the key omissions.

Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting to America (
32 weeks ago
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Ah. Good on them.... and much appreciated.

But by "help", I actually mean, any help with why this is with twitter? Am I alone with it? Does anyone know why this would be? Please do chime in if so.

But appreciated, S.R. :-)
32 weeks ago
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Hey, NYT's editorial and circulation desks are doing their utmost!

Anyone want to buy a hollow shell of a once-grand reputation for a dollar? (Worked for Newsweak!)
32 weeks ago
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