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Roger L. Simon

Israel Must Destroy Hamas Tunnels—No Matter How Long It Takes

July 18th, 2014 - 9:18 pm


If you’re looking for a reason for the supposed impoverishment of Gaza, look no further than the maze of tunnels – some of them miles long — Hamas has built under their territory and beyond their borders into Israel.  It’s the jihadist version of Boston’s “Big Dig.” The construction is so extensive that nearly every able-bodied man must have been employed in the occupation of tunnel-building, not to mention the huge diversion of funds, much of it donated by the West,  for material like concrete originally trucked into Gaza by the Israelis and others for “humanitarian purposes.”

A huge complex is reported to have been built under Gaza City that houses the wealthy Hamas leadership, including Ismail Haniyeh, who is said to be a multi-millionaire. He is undoubtedly a “strong” critic of “income inequality,” along with the Hamas capo di tutti cappi Khaled Meshal, said to be a billionaire and currently residing in a luxury hotel in Qatar safely out of harm’s way.

(For those, like most members of the MSM, who are unaware, Gaza before Hamas was considered one of the more opulent areas of the Arab world and was frequently used by Egyptians as a honeymoon spot.)

Although the tunnels have been employed for smuggling of some consumer goods, their main purpose, of course, was and is transporting and storing arms and killing or kidnapping Israelis. (I was going to be blunt and say “killing Jews,” but Hamas appears not to be quite so discriminating, as they lob missiles over Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Hebron, areas filled with Muslims.  What would happen if one of their missiles hit the Dome of the Rock?  I don’t even want to go there.)

This obsession with tunnel-building, driven as it is by a rancid cocktail of hate and envy leavened with religious fanaticism and the psychotic lust of a death cult, is clearly not commercially productive.  It is also only one aspect of a rapidly metastasizing global phenomenon, replete with beheadings and crucifixions, that is unlikely to end and may only be at its beginning unless someone puts a genuine stop to it.

Obama, Kerry and the rest of the flaccid moral narcissists who govern our country or the creepy disingenuous bureaucrats who represent “the international community” obviously don’t have the gumption to do it — or even the inclination.

Perhaps because it is already a life or death matter for them, the only people with the will or the ability literally to save the precarious civilization we all take for granted are the Israelis.   Israel alone is defending the West.

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Existential threats should be met with existential defiance.

Here is the nub of it.

If we don't stand up to the existential threat, it will march inexorably over the graves of those too dim, cowardly or apathetic to preserve freedom.

America and Israel are the last bastions of free men. The leftists are softening us up for the kill. The Islamists have us in a pincer move with them. Yet, we mindlessly babble about "incompetence" and "unintended consequences".

Bill Ayers intended consequences. Cloward-Piven intended consequences. The Nation of Islam and Don Warden intended consequences. George Soros intended consequences. Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, ISIS and the mullahs intended consequences.

Weaponized agencies under czars and czarinas intended consequences.

OWS and UN corrupt power grabbers intended consequences. Global warmists and ecoterrorists intended consequences.

And still...we slumber.

We are in denial. Some fools will call it "hysterics".

We and Israel are in for the fight of our lives. And the propagandists are our mortal enemies...not the loyal opposition. The sooner we get that through our thick skulls, the sooner we will stop calling them liberals, peaceniks, progressives, elite, and mainstream.

We are frittering away freedom. Senses dulled and wits duped. And a Republican home team utterly oblivious and nearly useless.
32 weeks ago
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"Israel has been killing Palestinians for almost 100 years, way before Hamas. This is about genocide." - black activist and HuffPo contributor Ferrari Sheppard

"cue 7497 lectures about the Holocaust/what genocide REALLY is" - response from award nominated author Saladin Ahmed

There are your "neutral" lecturers. Telling us the "truth" but without being able to find it or even understand the meaning of words really.

If I had only these two fools to get info from, I'd think that, based on their use of words, Israel was founded in 1914, Palestinians had never willingly engaged in a civil war, and that continuing casualties in a war one side lost but never surrendered is "genocide."

I also note that these truth-tellers never mention the 1948-67 occupation of the West Bank by Jordan. There's a reason for that: they don't want you to think about it because it interferes with the fake history they flog.

The truth is that had surrounding Arab League countries in 1967 not been posturing for a possible second Arab League invasion of the former British Mandate, the West Bank might be part of Jordan today, or its own state. It certainly wouldn't be occupied by Israeli security and settlements.

They also never mention that Palestinian Jews in 1947 were outnumbered by Palestinian Arabs 2 to 1 and that's not including Arab Leagues forces which sought to intervene in '48. Arabs had every reason to believe they'd win any civil/national war against pre and post-Israel forces, and that's why they did what they did. They lost and now they cry as if they never played.

They also never mention the influx of Jews from Europe into the pre-WW I Ottoman territory was more legal than the current illegal aliens in America the PC defend. Prior to '47, no Jew was living in Palestine on any land "taken" from an Arab by a Jew. Liberals lie every time they open their mouths because their entire world view is based on lies.

It's pretty clear the only use men like Ahmed and Sheppard have for a thing like law, fair play and our Constitution is when it benefits them.

Then there is racial segregation at a convention Ahmed is this minute attending. A convention which has a "Diversity Advisory Board" because of too many white folks attending.

"There is a meetup for fans of color here @DetconOne at 4pm today, Suite/Room 6903. I'm going to try my best to make it." - Saladin Ahmed

These folks wouldn't know the truth if I wrote it down for them, cuz right now, they're in Segregation is Diversity Orwellian land, much like the bizarre history of the world they make up out of their racialized heads.
32 weeks ago
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If the missile hit the Dome of the Rock, Hamas would blame it on the Jews and most of the Middle East would believe them.


I thought Sharon's act of pulling Israel out of Gaza was a very interesting strategy. It left the Gazans in charge of their destiny. That they chose killing and suicide is very telling. Those in the west, who are now on their side, have to forget Sharon's legacy or their heads will explode.
32 weeks ago
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All Comments   (62)
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Instead of selling out Israel, we should get them to send advisers to our Border. THEY KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE, AND HOW TO DO IT! AND THEY WILL GET OUR MARINE BACK WHILE THEY ARE AT IT!
30 weeks ago
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If Hamas would just focus on building up their own society and proving themselves interested in being a civilized nation, instead of spending all their money on vandalizing and harassing Israel, they could by now have a prosperous, productive society, perhaps like Israel's. They'd rather act like a gang of delinquents, though, than feed and educate their people.
31 weeks ago
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How many times does Israel have to go through the same thing?
31 weeks ago
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I appreciate your sentiment, Mr. Simon. But you don't go nearly far enough.

Israel should not merely destroy every Hamas tunnel. Israel should, rather, find a way to make sure Hamas never digs another one.

I don't know what the best way to accomplish that is. Perhaps Israel should embark on a propaganda campaign, in Arabic, aimed at would-be Hamas fighters, poking savage fun at the idiocy of dying so that future generations of Palestinians can also fight and die. Perhaps Israel should just capture a few Hamas fighters, or their corpses, and make a big show of burying them in pigskin. Perhaps Israel should find a way to detect the Israel-side openings of the Hamas tunnels, and, in emulation of the Egyptians, flood all such tunnels with sewage.

Or perhaps we can fall back on the plan I've advocated for years -- that, for each rocket launched from Gaza toward Israel, Israel will conquer one square kilometer of the Gaza Strip, eject all the people living there, and pave the land. (Operating slogan: "Sderot needs more parking lots.")

But one way or another, the Gazans must be taught, once and for all, that attacking Israel is bad for THEM.
31 weeks ago
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I'd go further - for every rocket launched by Hamas, Israel should conquer TEN square kilometers of Gaza, and establish a fortified city there, complete with industry, schools, etc.

What I'd REALLY prefer is for Israel to simply say "Enough is enough. You asked for a measure of autonomy, and we've tried to work with you 'Palestinians', giving you great latitude. But it's obvious you don't know how to handle it, so now, we're declaring this experiment over. As of now, the Gaza Strip and West Bank are simply regions within the state of Israel and will be treated as such." Then follow through firmly.
31 weeks ago
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"What would happen if one of their missiles hit the Dome of the Rock? I don’t even want to go there."

What would happen is that Israel's Iron Dome would shoot it down... because that's what it does, and that's what it's for.

Then a small piece of shrapnel from the shot-down missile would give a young Palestinian boy the equivalent of a paper cut, and this would be loudly proclaimed as a war crime, for which Israel must pay.
31 weeks ago
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As expected, as unavoidable, Israel is losing 10 or so killed per day, and while that is very low it is too high, and there are probably 100 injured per death.

Given the realities, this comprises victory for Hamas as long as it goes on.

Israel should stand off and level parts of Gaza, and without warnings, for every missile launched. What Israel is doing now is very nearly a waste of time, lives, and money. Israel is taken by their own propaganda.
31 weeks ago
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You all act as if open borders aren't wonderful things.
32 weeks ago
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It would've changed nothing. Hamas would still have attacked Israel.
32 weeks ago
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By shooting down the Malaysian airliner, Putin killed as many people in two minutes as the Israelis have in two weeks of fighting a war for their very existence.

Where is the rioting over that wrong? Are Russians being accosted all over the world by haters? Obama has harsher words for construction in eastern Jerusalem than all the destruction caused by Hamas or the Russians.
32 weeks ago
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I just thought of a use for those tunnels: Sicilian and Greek pig farmers (well armed) and be sure Gaza stays downwind from them.
32 weeks ago
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