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Ed Driscoll

‘Somebody Has to Pay For This Massacre in the Sky’

July 18th, 2014 - 11:41 am

Jim Geraghty on our asleep-at-the-wheel administration:

Russian president Vladimir Putin didn’t order the separatists to shoot down the airliner. But his intelligence agencies and military have provided all kinds of support to these separatists. To borrow P.J. O’Rourke’s metaphor, Putin gave whiskey and car keys – and powerful explosives – to teenage boys. The disastrous consequences were not hard to foresee. You can see it in the absurd, nonsensical, instant justification by one of the speakers that if the plane is labeled, ‘Malaysia Airlines,’ it must be a disguise for a spy plane. Putin didn’t commit murder; just reckless endangerment.

There will be a lot of debates and discussions about what the United States can or should do in response to this reckless, deadly decision. But let’s begin by asking, if we had the opportunity to reach out and strike 23 Russian separatists involved in the decision to launch this missile, would we do it? I’d like to think so. Fighting a war is not inherently evil, nor is stupidity, but the combination of the two is a fertile ground for evil. These guys need to be taught a lesson, and it’s not clear who can teach them.

Commercial airliners fly – usually quite highly – over dangerous or not-so-friendly parts of the world all the time. Right now commercial jets are avoiding Eastern Ukraine. Should they avoid Syria, too? Iran? Iraq? Afghanistan? If so, you’ve just cut off India and a big chunk of Asia from Europe.

These guys need to pay – and Putin needs to see consequences of his reckless support of these dumb, brutal goons.

Moe Lane: “I never thought that I’d see the day that the US government would just shrug off a no-fooling war crime committed against our citizens.”

Well, we know that the State Department has far more important things to do — such as tweeting out fashion tips.

And the president has far more important things to do — such as expressing his love of guacamole.

Perhaps they’re simply waiting for one of the FLOTUS’ talking shopping carts to provide instructions, HAL 9000-style.

Fortunately though, Mr. Obama’s would-be successor is pouncing at the opportunity to set a much more focused example of what she would do if in office. Nahh, just kidding:

No, Obama’s caution is another example of the president refusing to address crises in a timely fashion due to what he probably believes is an attachment to the doctrinal fantasy that the United States is overextended in the world. Hillary Clinton confirmed that when she told Charlie Rose on Thursday night that this whole plane mess is really Europe’s problem.

“As you know, the Europeans have tried to figure out the best way forward,” she said when asked how the United States should respond to clear evidence that pro-Russian separatists using Russian hardware killed nearly 300 foreign civilians. “From my perspective — and I have the benefit of not being in the government — if there is evidence linking Russia to this, that should inspire the Europeans to do much more.”

After noting that the world should put “[Russian President Vladimir] Putin on notice” and not “stand idly by,” Clinton reassured Rose that the United States would stand idly by.

“So Europeans have to be the ones to take the lead on this,” said the former secretary. “It was a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur over European territory. There should be outrage in European capitals.”

That sucking sound you hear is the rapid formation of a power vacuum in Europe as the United States signals its noninterest in matters of regional and global security.

Hey, after World War II, Europe was happy to hand over their defense to America, so that they could spend all of their taxpayers’ money on expanding their socialist welfare states. And they loathed America’s past “Cowboy Presidents” and their lack of nuance and politesse.

I guess European leaders never counted on their defense winding up in the hands of wannabe Europeans. But then, to be fair, neither did most Americans.

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You're just not looking at from the point of view of the Left: Was the plane shot down by either the US or Israeli military? No? Then it's not a crime.
31 weeks ago
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For most of our history, when the world decided to play cops and robbers...we were always the cop.

Based upon Obama and this cabal's IRS abuses, EPA land grabs, phony climate "redistribution" schemes and a horde of tax grabs is apparent that this cabal has permanently moved America to robber status.

Someone else has to play cop ...unless we simply have a world of nothing but robbers.
31 weeks ago
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Team Obama is no doubt hoping Putin will pull a Claude Rains -- not in this case, the quote about being shocked that there's gambling going on at Rick's, but the "Round up the usual suspects" line -- if Vlad will just find a few Ukrainian heads for rolling in connection with the jet's shoot-down, the White House will call it good, because that gets Obama out of having to do anything aggressively on his own (and the president has only shown any enthusiasm for being proactive against Putin when it came to tweaking the Russian leader over his opposition to gay rights prior to the Sochi Olympics. Naming gay athletes to the U.S. Olympic delegation was a way to please a major part of Obama's special interest donor block; taking a tough line on Putin would likely be greeted by crickets or even hostility by those same special interest groups, so in his mind what's the point of trying not to act like a beta-male if the risk to his poll numbers is higher than the reward?)
31 weeks ago
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The Commies in our country are way too busy choosing between PantsSuit and our native American wannabe Warren to bother over something that Dude! happened way over there.
31 weeks ago
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