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Ed Driscoll

Alec Baldwin Arrested for Metaphor Overload

May 13th, 2014 - 10:58 am


“Baldwin was arrested in Manhattan for riding his bike the wrong way down a street and for disorderly conduct, a law-enforcement official said,” Pervaiz Shallwani writes in the Wall Street Journal.

Commence schadenfreude overload on Twitter.

Alec Baldwin arrested for going the wrong way is the perfect metaphor of the man’s life. In no other profession can a man continually f***-up so badly and pocket millions, in-between sanctimonious calls for, as it was known for about five minutes on the left in early 2011, “the era of new civility,” (see headline above) while damaging so many around him.

More from the Journal:

Actor Alec Baldwin was arrested in Manhattan for riding his bike the wrong way down a street and for disorderly conduct, a law-enforcement official said.

Mr. Baldwin was allegedly riding his bicycle north on Fifth Avenue in the center of the street between 15th and 16th streets, the official said.

Officers approached Mr. Baldwin told him he “was riding his bicycle the wrong way,” an NYPD spokeswoman said.

Mr. Baldwin was not able to produce identification and “then he got belligerent and started to argue with the officers,” the spokeswoman said.

Jim Treacher has a photo of Baldwin’s latest run-in with authority atop his post at the Daily Caller:“Alec Baldwin? Belligerent? Toward women telling him what to do? More specifically, women of color?”

“That doesn’t sound right!”


Oh, and past performance is no guarantee of future results:

“Alec Baldwin names Bill De Blasio as his pick for next New York City mayor, knocks Christine Quinn as ‘untrustworthy’”

— Headline, the New York Daily News, December 7th, 2012.

Flash-forward to today:

“New York City is a mismanaged carnival of stupidity that is desperate for revenue and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign.”

— Tweet from Baldwin (who apparently still hasn’t kept his many promises to quit Twitter), today.

Hey, nobody said it was easy being a small-government totalitarian leftist.

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I lived in NYC for 15 years and I never saw a cyclist get ticketed by the police. And not a day went by when I didn't see some kamikaze biker breaking the law.
41 weeks ago
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You know Alec made his one phone call after his arrest to City Hall, demanding his buddy Bill either get him off or fire that fascist jerk police commissioner Bratton, who he shouldn't have hired anyway because he worked for Giuliani.
42 weeks ago
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