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Ed Driscoll

Gauntlet Thrown—and Caught

April 23rd, 2014 - 7:26 pm

“Republicans should be winning by acclimation for every position from dog catcher to president,” Roger L. Simon writes today in his PJM column:

But they’re  not.  And you don’t need Strother Martin to tell you why – it’s a failure to communicate.

And that’s not just the so-called establishment or the so-called Tea Party — it’s both.  Both are doing an atrocious job of taking their message to the people. The establishment remains super cautious, equivocating and boring while the Tea Party walks around pretending as if wearing a three-cornered hat and waving the Constitution (great as it is) is going to impress a culture the vast number of whom (incorrectly!) associate that Constitution with geriatric white slave holders in jodhpurs.  Also, you have to be at least as sophisticated as your high school sons and daughters.  We do live in 2014. (If you’re not, what you get is a clueless Sharron Angle losing to that hideous mafioso Harry Reid.)

Rather than dealing with these realities, both sides — establishment and Tea Party — spend their time aiming fusillades at each other. How infantile and suicidal.

Yes, the media and Hollywood and the academy are against us and millions of Americans are on the dole (therefore bought)… blablabla.  But the facts remain — at public relations, the right sucks.  The proof is, again, that on almost every issue — with the possible exception of same-sex marriage, and in that instance the GOP libertarian wing is an asset — the right has not just the upper hand, but the wildly superior upper hand with the public.  Liberal ideology is not only dead, it’s decomposed.  Nevertheless, even though Republicans have a good possibility with the Senate (they should have every seat), Hillary seems poised for the White House.

Time to wake up, n’est-ce pas?  But how to do it?

Exactly like this:

“The first goal of every novice candidate is to make an impression on voters,” Allahpundit writes at Hot Air. Watch this spot from Monica Wehby, via the Examiner, and tell me how she did:”

She’s running uphill as a Republican in Oregon but she’s got a few things working for her. One: It’s hard to follow ye olde “war on women” playbook against a candidate like this, especially after watching this ad. Two: Wehby’s a centrist on some issues, including abortion, which might help her play better in a blue state. Three: Her first ad (which you’ll also find below) was a critique of ObamaCare, which sounds risky in a Democratic stronghold until you remember that Oregon’s O-Care exchange was a flaming bag of shinola even more so than was. If there’s any state in the country where centrist Democrats might be willing to cast a protest vote against ObamaCare — especially for a doctor — it’s Oregon.

For the right candidate, that’s an absolutely brilliant template for an ad. More — and faster, please.

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I think the Tea Party's attitude toward the establishment Republicans has been much created by those establishment Republicans. I saw it in VA where a lot of nominal Republicans support Terry McAuliffe because they were afraid (I'm guessing) of the vastly more conservative Cuccinelli. Yet they are the first in line to insist that Tea Party supporters get behind them when they run for office. Feh.
13 weeks ago
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The Republicans, by acclimating themselves to Obamunism should be winning by acclimation, by becoming the Socialist Lite party. Only by abandoning all hope for liberty and law in America, can the Republicans win.

If the Republicans should be welcomed with cheers because of the Democrats’ failures, the word is spelled “acclamation."
14 weeks ago
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Yup, prolly better ad than Cotton and Sarge. But the more experienced candidate is leading in one late poll, and IMHO would do a much better job against Merkley than Wehby. Not sure if / when there will be primary debate(s), but I sure would like to see some. Too bad Reps can't meld them, would be a winner this year.
14 weeks ago
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BTW, hotair, since Malkin sold it, is becoming more and more rino/establishment, blogger wise anyway, with post after post about how Rubio is the one, then Christie and then Jeb Bush.
14 weeks ago
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I have it. Right here. I got it.

I have the one single sentence that will win the presidency for the GOP, and a line that, a modified version of, will with both houses. I have it right here.

And I will give it to the GOP with no consulting fees whatsoever, because I do it for the country. But it is the line that will win. We just need to hear it, over and over and over and over.

THE LINE - "If you elect me to serve as your president, the federal tax code as we know it will not exist four years from now. That is my promise, that is my guarantee. It will cease to exist. And I will report to you every sixty days on our progress to that end, from the day I take office until that promise is met. Count on it."

Do that, and the GOP sweeps. Take it to the bank.
14 weeks ago
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"And you don’t need Strother Martin to tell you why – it’s a failure to communicate."

This lame and superficial cure all nonsense passed off as sage cure all advice is no better the second time around.
14 weeks ago
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