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Ed Driscoll

Over To You, Hillary

March 6th, 2014 - 8:32 am

“Here we go: HHS announces that insurers can keep extending un-canceled health plans — until October 2016,” Allahpundit writes at Hot Air:

Here’s the new ObamaCare “fix” that The Hill promised a few days ago — although, unless I missed something, no one knew how far the new extension would reach until now. As Ed noted earlier, this is pure politics: Originally, King Barack’s generous allowance for insurers who wanted to resurrect plans canceled under the new ObamaCare rules was set to expire on January 1st of next year. Problem is, that would have required sending out new cancellation notices months earlier, which would have blown up in Democrats’ faces right before the midterms. Today’s fix is designed to deal with that problem by punting the deadline to purge un-canceled plans alllllll the way to October 2016, a month before we choose the next president.

Your problem now, Hillary.

“And if you think he’s not going to figure out that, hey, October 2016 is just before an important election and then delay it until May 2017,” Ace adds, “then let Rob Halford disabuse you of that mistaken belief.”

In other Obamacare news, Patrick Stewart and Stephen Colbert are goofing on those who’ve lost their policies and their doctors. It’s yet another reminder of John Nolte’s observation last year on how what’s called “liberalism” increasingly involves overt attacks on the innocent and the less-well-off, on behalf of the wealthy and powerful.

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And it assumes that the various State AG's will go along as well. Ours here in the Soviet, despite being a very liberal Democrat (surprise!!) is most definitely not playing along with the charade and has already flushed any Insurance Industry back-sliding. Obama's announcement is all pea-shuffling for the MSM.
51 weeks ago
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This assumes that insurance companies are going to risk flouting the ACA as written just on Obama's say so.

You're an insurance company. You've been offering Policy A for years. Congress passes a law that not says that you have to offer Policy B instead, but essentially makes Policy A illegal to offer.

So, following the law, you inform your policy holders that you've been forced to cancel Policy A, and instead they must switch to Policy B. Only your customers don't like Policy B. As much as you can sympathize with your customers, you CAN'T keep offering Policy A. By law you MUST sell Policy B.

Along comes a politician worried about disgruntled policy holders becoming disgruntled voters. He unilaterally says that it's okay if your company keeps offering Policy A after the law's deadline. Legally he has no authority to do so. The law is the law and cannot be changed without Congress changing it. But he says it's okay to keep offering Policy A anyway.

Now, you're legally liable for following the law. Offer Policy A and at any time the Law could swing around any time it chooses and bite you on the bottom line. Offer Policy A and you could be taken to court by competitors for unfair trade practices (i.e. breaking the law by offering illegal Policy A).

You're an insurance company. Do you break the law (and become liable for doing so) by continuing to offer Policy A just on a politician's say so? Or do you minimize your risk and stick to offering only the legal Policy B?
51 weeks ago
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