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Ed Driscoll


What’s in your wallet? Sadly, for Alec Baldwin, it’s not an emergency Prozac capsule, based on his latest series of Tweets. As the Huffington Post reports, the 55-year old (going on 12) actor “launched a Twitter rant against [a journalist with the London Daily Mail]and used several gay slurs in the process:”

Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Baldwin attended the late “Sopranos” actor James Gandolfini’s funeral Thursday morning, but while they were among mourners at the New York City church, Hilaria’s Twitter account appeared to remain active. After a report from the UK’s Daily Mail detailing as much, Baldwin launched a Twitter rant against the publication’s writer who produced the piece — and used several gay slurs in the process.

During the funeral, tweets were sent from Hilaria’s account asking followers for wedding anniversary ideas and retweeting @RachaelRayShow’s updates about her Thursday morning appearance.

A source close to Hilaria insists to The Huffington Post that she merely later retweeted updates that had been tweeted during the service and was not actively tweeting inside the church.

Baldwin’s publicist, Matthew Hiltzik, who says he still represents the actor, despite Baldwin having tweeted “I don’t have a publicist anymore. I fired them,” sent HuffPost the following statement:

“It is disgraceful that this reporter manufactured a story and never called for comment or explanation — especially when it needlessly diverted attention away from a day to honor the memory of a beloved figure like Mr Gandolfini.”

Baldwin may or may not have fired his publicist, but he has apparently deleted his second Twitter account after his latest public meltdown. Will the company most associated with Baldwin delete its long-troubled spokes-hulk? As Twitchy notes, “Your move, Capital One.”

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What's wrong with a little melt down from time to time?
A little fisticuffs is needed just for 'balance'. Right now certain groups have a license to do and say anything they want, and those who have been targeted for destruction responding in kind is somehow the end of civilization as we know it?
41 weeks ago
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Who knew, that of the two Capitol One spokesmen, the Viking barbarians would prove to be more civilized than Alec Baldwin?
41 weeks ago
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If Capitol One was to fire one of urkel piss-be-upon-him obama's friends they might find the IRS up their a** and the Bernanke might not throw them any more "Bernanke bucks". No they won't fire Alec.
42 weeks ago
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