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Ed Driscoll

At Least Neville Chamberlain Could Carry His Own Umbrella

May 16th, 2013 - 12:10 pm


Mr. Obama started off his second term without noticing that Jon Favreau, his misogynistic departing lead speechwriter left him uttering “Peace in our time” on his way out the White House door writing for lesser celebrities in Hollywood. Today Obama channels Neville Chamberlain once again, only this time, he uses American Marines as props to hold umbrellas for himself and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan at a joint press conference. Or as Twitchy quips, “Out: I support the troops. In: The troops support my umbrella.”

But as the scandals continue to hit the ‘Bam, it looks like he’s going to need a bigger umbrella. And who knows — perhaps not even the Marines can save him.

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It was a deliberate slur against the Marines and by extension all the military. I would bet that the Corporal holding the umbrella over "Teh Won" and the other Marine whose rank is not visible have done multiple combat tours. And they probably are grateful that you cannot be court-martialed for what you are thinking.

I am positive that there are any number of civilian toadies [the kindest term that fits] who would achieve orgasmic relief if given the opportunity to hold an umbrella over Obama. And I believe that the White House has awnings that can be set up by the staff on a moments notice. But it would not have the same sting.

Subotai Bahadur [who has a nephew who is a Marine Master SGT]
1 year ago
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They told me if I voted for Mitt Romney, America's future would be in doubt, and they were right!. Yesterday, U.S. Marines were photographed holding umbrellas for friends of jihad.
1 year ago
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