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Ed Driscoll

Great Moments In MSM History

April 18th, 2013 - 3:08 pm

The weirdest week in history rolls on, as Reuters accidentally publishes their pre-written obit for George Soros. But they can’t decide if he’s a youthful XX years old, or a whopping XXX at the time of his non-death. Here’s a screen cap:

Full text of Reuters’ derp follows on next page, because Reuters will likely quickly pull the offending page. But hey, one man’s premature obituary is another man’s mid-career retrospective, right fellas?

Update: “Some editor at Reuters just XXXX his pants,” tweets Jim Treacher. Another Tweeter adds:


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All Comments   (2)
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"...revealing in 1994 that he had offered to help his own mother, a member of the Hemlock Society, commit suicide."

Son of the year!

No, not a deranged sociopath at all, an 'enigma.'
1 year ago
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"A Jew born in Hungary as the Nazis were gaining power in Germany, Soros survived World War Two"

by cooperating with the Nazis through betraying fellow Jews and never expressed any remorse over it.

FIFY, Reuters.
1 year ago
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