It’s pretty much every talking head on CNN versus Rush Limbaugh, when Rush reads a passage from the UK Guardian that appears (very much appears) to be a trial balloon defending pedophilia:

Soledad O’Brien gathered a bunch of people to talk about my discussion on pedophilia.  All I did was quote from a liberal newspaper in the UK, the Guardian.  That’s all I did.  Well, I did one other thing.  I said, “Remember where you were when you heard –” think of some outrageous social custom that’s bitten the dust. “– when you first heard that something might happen, like gay marriage, when you first heard gay marriage, what did you think? ‘Ah, it’ll never happen,’ versus where are we now?”  I said, “Here we go.” The SUV.  The Sierra Club back in 1997 said they wanted to ban the SUV to save the planet, I warned you SUV owners you’re gonna become targeted.  You pooh-poohed.  What happened?

So a big UK liberal newspaper, mainstream — not some fringe supermarket thing, but a mainstream left-wing newspaper with a huge, long story on how pedophilia is normal and should be considered normal, and quoting academics.  And all of a sudden CNN discusses it as though I’m making the assertion.  We got the audio sound bites.  But the point is I had this unstated New Year’s resolution, gonna be low profile.  I think you’ll have to admit here, folks — well, you may not have to admit it, but I never try to get noticed anyway.  It just happens.  I never try.  I’m not somebody that likes fame.  I do not live and die by whether or not I see my name in the paper or hear myself discussed.  In fact, just the exact opposite.

* * * * * * * * * *

If this had been discussed by Anderson Cooper, then they would celebrate Anderson Cooper.  And if Anderson Cooper had done exactly what I did and just quoted the Guardian, they would have talked about it as revolutionary news or what have you.  But because I brought it up, and why are they upset that it is I who brought it up?  Because they think and they worry that I’m effective in persuading people.  So after Christine Romans, the business reporterette, does that set-up, then we had a discussion with Soledad O’Brien.  She had the Obama campaign traveling press secretary Jen Psaki, a New Yorker magazine correspondent, Ryan Lizza, to talk about this.

PSAKI:  Why is he talking about pedophilia? It’s not exactly like there’s a massive movement talking about pedophilia.

O’BRIEN:  Or normalizing pedophilia.

PSAKI:  Right. Exactly.

LIZZA: Yeah, it seems to me that the movement here is to equate pedophilia in some way…

O’BRIEN:  With gay marriage.

LIZZA:…with gay marriage.

PSAKI:  Right, or…

LIZZA: That’s what he’s up to here…

O’BRIEN:  Right.

LIZZA: …which is absurd.

O’BRIEN:  We’re trying to understand the mind of Rush Limbaugh this morning (laughs) which is a…

PSAKI:  A hard thing to break into.

O’BRIEN:  Scary proposition.

Why? Soledad understands the mind of Rev. Wright well enough to declare his 2008 speech to the NAACP a “home run.” (And vice versa; Wright’s a fan of O’Brien, as he admitted in that speech.) A 21st century call for classroom segregation and Separate But Equal education — that’s not scary to her. But “trying to understand” a talk radio host espousing mainstream conservative positions to millions of eager listeners — a much larger audience than CNN, except on days when a national catastrophe such as 9/11 or an exploding Space Shuttle sends everyone to their televisions in shock — is a “scary proposition.”