Did Al Gore call Bill Clinton a digital brown shirt yesterday? Because it’s pretty obvious that the two don’t see eye-to-eye on Iraq.

Of course, maybe Al just called himself a digital brown shirt, because his digitized version from the 1990s directly contradicts his current version. And an Al divided against itself cannot stand! (Apologies to both George Costanza and Jayson Blair. And probably James Taranto, too.)

At the start of the Clinton administration, there’s no way I would have believed that Bill would be the calm, sensible one, out having fun, doing talk shows, looking to enjoy his retirement in a relaxed aging-but-still-youthful-but-elder statesman-like manner (I know, I know, he’s made up stories out of whole cloth, but let me run with this) and that Al Gore would be out giving demonizing speeches and constantly breaking Godwin’s Law. As I’ve said before, wasn’t Al put on the ticket in ’92 to be the moderate half of the equation?