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Dr. Helen

Heavy Metal Rockers

April 17th, 2014 - 3:25 pm

I am often amazed at how many talented and resourceful professionals read this blog or my husband Glenn’s blog and let us know the amazing things they are doing. I recently acquired two beautiful heavy metal rocking chairs that my friend Hodge Golson, a business psychologist designed with the help of artist Andrew Crawford. Here is what Hodge had to say about his vision:

Many years ago I stumbled across a metal rocking chair that was as much a piece of sculpture as furniture. It was an immediate emotional reaction. I loved it. But would it be comfortable? Amazingly so, I discovered as I settled into it and rocked a bit. But I couldn’t afford the $3,000 price tag. Although I left the chair in the store, I couldn’t let go of it….

Serendipity introduced me to Andrew Crawford, a blacksmith sculptor who was eager to take on the project. As a point of reference, he pointed me in the direction of Sam Maloof, an artist he had known who had quite a professional career designing and building great wooden rockers. So I designed my own version of my original obsession.

I have to say the chairs are amazing, beautiful, comfortable and a piece of art that have wowed everyone that has seen them. If you want to check them out, you can take a look at the website at


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OK, done following.

It wasn't a particularly good blog to begin with, but when you start turning it into an advertisement for products offered by friends, I'm done with it.

I still intend to read your book, which I've already purchased, and if I like it, I will promote it on my own blog, or elsewhere. But I've seen enough of your blog (and some of its readers) to leave me very underwhelmed.

~ ProvDog
'Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends'
30 weeks ago
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And I thought this was going to be an announcement that Iron Maiden is going to release a new album......

Ozzy could probably use one of those.
31 weeks ago
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I dunno, comparing recent photos of bands like AC/DC and Metallica with recent photos of pop stars from the 80's, I have to say, Heavy Metal Rockers seem to age a little better.
31 weeks ago
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While I will agree that rocking chair looks like a work of art, it doesn't look very comfortable. And if you put it outside in the summer, I bet it gets pretty hot. I prefer wood myself.
31 weeks ago
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