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Dr. Helen

National Association of Scholars: Gender Inequity Among the Gender Equity Enforcers:

We examined 52 institutions. All have Title IX Coordinators as mandated by law for all institutions receiving federal funding.

At 43 of them (82.7 percent), the Title IX Coordinator is a woman. At 9 of the institutions (17.3 percent), the Title IX Coordinator is a man.

In 24 of the 52 institutions, we found lists of staff members beyond the Title IX Coordinator who work on Title IX issues or are listed as responsible for dealing with sexual harassment issues. In these 24 cases, 49 of the additional 67 staff (73.1 percent) are women. All our assignments are on the basis of names and sometimes photographs. Our inability to identify transgender individuals may marginally affect the accuracy of our tabulations.

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Inability to identify transgender individuals may marginally affect the accuracy of your tabulations? What does that mean? Exactly what is the percentage of the population that is transgender? Maybe 1%, so I don't see how that minute percentage could scew your results.

This is what I'm talking about. They had to throw that in. They had to include transgender. How many men have surgery to change themselves into women? An operation doesn't change your DNA. How many women have surgery to change themselves into men? I don't think that's even possible. How do you change a vagina into a penis?

This association of scholars is a joke, and they don't even know it. They notice widespread discrimination against men, but they have to include transgenders to question their own study. Please. It's beyond ridiculous.

Of course education is dominated by women. Almost 90% of teachers are women. Try getting a job at an elementary school as a man. You won't and you don't. We're all predators, rapists and pedophiles, you know.

This study points to the obvious fact, and then questions it because of transgenders. It's stupid beyond belief.

Oh, and Areo, these men you refer to are not chivalrous. They're obsequious. The first governor to sign no fault divorce into law was . . . wait for it . . . Ronald Reagan. That bastion of conservatism, or should I say bastard?

Men are their own worst enemies. They keep electing representatives and passing laws that favor women over men. That is not chivalry. It's just stupid.

There can be no meaningful men's rights movement in this country until real men take back the night. They can do that by stop electing these idiots who only vote against them.

Title IX is direct discrimination, as is most of academia and the media. Do something about it, or STF up. Complaining isn't going to change anything.
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Constitution Allah Ackbar Tea Party bomb abortion patriot gun IRS Islam dog whistle Obama prayer tax surveillance.

No particular comment, just adding some noise to the system...

And my real name...Michael Hoskins
1 year ago
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Chivalrous men can be a lot more sexist towards (other) men than any but the most hard-core feminist women. As an example, an old, chivalrous male judge is probably the worst one you can get in family court if you are a man.

The problem men face is that most men in a position of authority DO try to be fair to both genders and sometimes bend over backwards to treat the female right. I have seen *some* women in a position of authority not spend too much time on that "fair" stuff. If they think they are in a battle against the Patriarchy, they are going to use that authority to benefit women.

So you've got some men and lots of women aligned against men. The person who vetoed a bill that would have eliminated permanent alimony in Florida is a man (the governor). I can only hope that chivalrous men get bit in the butt by their own actions.
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Title IX is an affirmative action hiring program for women. Not surprising to see that kind of skew in demographics (which would no doubt be grounds for a lawsuit, if men were that majority).
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