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Dr. Helen

Is Sperm a Marital Asset?

June 10th, 2013 - 6:19 am

Of course not, correctly writes MRA Peter Lloyd in a Daily Mail article that I received in my inbox today (yes, it’s almost a year old but very relevant):

A British woman is campaigning for the legal right to veto her husband’s choice to donate sperm, it has emerged.

The unidentified complainant says her partner volunteered samples of his semen to a registered clinic after becoming stressed by the birth of their child, reported MailOnline.

Disgruntled, the mother-of-one from Surrey has contacted the Human Fertilisation And Embryology Authority, arguing that women across the UK should be able to deny their spouse’s free will on the matter – because sperm is a ‘marital asset’.

She’s wrong.

Can you imagine if a man in the UK said that a woman’s eggs were a “marital asset”? It would be seen as appalling. Coverture is alive and well for men but no longer for women in the western world. Why is it okay if done to men but not if done to women? Reproductive choice goes both ways.

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"This woman claims she's concerned about the psychological effect any children fathered by her husband will have on her." Not on their child?

If she cannot change his mind, what kind of marriage do they have. Guess he stays married to her for the sake of the baby she made with his sperm.

Glad the article is almost a year old. Meaning she is not getting anywhere with her campaign.
1 year ago
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Whats hers is hers, whats his is theirs.
1 year ago
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MEN are seen as the oppressors, and so it's perfectly fine (in fact, it's high time) that they be knocked down a few pegs.

WHITE men are even more so, so it's okay to mock them, or even discriminate against them, after all, haven't they been doing it to everyone else for centuries?

Even further, CHRISTIAN white men are the scourge of the earth. Nothing but a bunch of misogynistic, closed-minded, self-righteous brutes who love to invade, conquer, and beat the heathen gods out of the natives, and all that.

That's what the Left has brainwashed the culture into believing, anyway.

1 year ago
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Woman's property:
And one wonders whither Western Civilization?
1 year ago
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Sperm is already a woman's asset, whether married or not. Witness the woman successfully suing to get her dead boyfriend's sperm. Why is that important? By bearing his heir, she gets control of his estate, something she could not have done otherwise.
1 year ago
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