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Dr. Helen

James Taranto at Best of the Web: “Rich Woman, Poor Man: Why do female breadwinners tend to have unhappy marriages?”:

Why are men averse to higher-income women? Perhaps because they understand that women are averse to lower-income men. Mating preferences, after all, are driven not only by attraction but by attainability. In theory all men should be attracted to supermodels; in practice few would have the confidence to ask one out.

If, as Mundy suggests, female breadwinners find it a “struggle” to remain attracted to their husbands, then avoiding such a marriage seems a wise defensive move for a man. If the evolutionary psychologists are right, it’s a relatively easy one to make, since a woman’s earning power would not exert much emotional or sexual pull on a man.


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Look at the positive side, this means more unmarried women going childless,

This also means less men getting exposed/thrown into the Family/Divorce Court Machinery

This means more men's live are getting spared, to me I call this a big win!
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Let me tell you a story.
I graduated from a rural High School in the '60's. I only attended the school for my senior year, having been to other high schools in other parts of the country.

All the girls, down to and including freshmen, were spoken for, usually by a guy one or two years ahead. (The school had all 12 grades in one building and these kids had known each other forever)

The freshman class started at 125 and graduated 51. The girls all got pregnant, the boys quit and got some sort of job. A couple of kids later mom started at the local community college then became either a teacher or nurse by transfer to one of the more or less local 4 year schools. Hubby paid for all of this, and negleted his own career growth (not entirely a result of wife's efforts I have to admit, 'getting the big head' and 'trying to out do your raising" are still huge social problems in the area). Only 5 boys went straight to college, and all of us graduated in 4 years,

To continue. The now professional woman was earning lots and lots more than hubby, and more steadily. Further, she had grown beyond her husband. The results were perdictable. Hubby fooled around with lesser types who didn't demean him in public and found relief in drugs and alcohol or hubby became a door mat. Both bad and in the end the now professional woman, with teenage children old enough to require minimum care, dumped and financially raped poor old, car(s), kid(s) and child support.

Hubby takes a runner to another state.

Of the 75 who did not make it to the senior year, this happened at an 80% rate. Of the 51 who did make it through (mostly because their parents WERE the school teachers and nurses and professionals in town) only delayed the process by a few years, having about a 50% rate of conformance to type.

I haven't a clue where this came from, it predates feminism by a bit.

Go figure
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