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Dr. Helen

Should Paternity Testing Be Mandatory?

March 8th, 2013 - 6:04 am

I read this Fathers and Families’ newsletter article in my email on paternity fraud this morning:

End Paternity Fraud: Make DNA Tests Mandatory
By Rita Fuerst Adams, National Executive Director,
Fathers and Families

The GlobalGrind is taking a poll on paternity fraud. Vote now. Pass it along to all your friends and family. With enough votes, it may be helpful to legislation Fathers and Families is promoting to end paternity fraud.

According to the reporter, Christina Coleman, “It’s like a jacked, human form of credit card scam. Paternity fraud. And it happens more often than you think. It is, essentially, a crime.”

Which is why Fathers and Families believes the only solution is widespread DNA testing at birth of children born out of wedlock to determine their true biological paternity.

According to the American Association of Blood Banks, 28% of paternity tests showed the man tested was not the father.

Fathers and Families seeks to:

Require a putative unmarried father to obtain genetic marker testing before signing a paternity acknowledgment form.
Allow the putative father to waive testing only if he is represented by counsel.
Allow him to challenge legal paternity for up to five years by use of genetic marker testing.

DNA testing benefits children by providing them access to their actual paternal fathers and extended family. It gives them an accurate family medical history, thus allowing physicians to better treat acute illnesses and prevent or prepare for genetic illnesses and conditions. It allows them the opportunity to develop a relationship with their fathers who may otherwise not have been aware of them.

Christina Coleman continued, “… we must recognize that paternity fraud is real, and there are many men who are not legally protected from the mental and financial torment the crime breeds. …If we are obligated to protect the well-being and life of citizens, shouldn’t that include protecting them from the psychological shock of a situation that could totally be avoided? Preventative measures. That’s really what healthcare is about anyway.”

The GlobalGrind has more than 2 million readers. Daily, our members ask what they can do to further the cause. Stuff the GlobalGrind ballot box today. It is one more piece of information for us to present to our elected officials. One more way for us to let them know how pervasive these problems are.

What do readers think of mandatory DNA testing at birth–yes or no?

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All Comments   (40)
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Of course paternity tests should be mandatory. You always know who the mother is. You never know who the father is.

There are literally millions of men paying child support for children they did not conceive. And there is nothing they can do about it. If she's your wife, they're your children. You will pay child support. Period.

They will confiscate your wages. They will confiscate your tax returns. Or they will throw you in jail. That's the law.

This is the problem. It begins with presumptive patertinity, which is the essence of the marriage contract. I can understand community property, community funds, sweat equity, because I know that the contract is fundamentally a financial arragement. But presumptive paternity? No.

I refuse to pay child support for any child that I did not conceive. That's why I have never been married. Every girl I have ever dated or been to bed with already had a boyfriend. He was nobody when the new kid came into town. What is there to expect me to believer it will be any different when she has a husband?

This is a female problem. She can start addressing it when she recognizes it. The problem does not begin with her, per se, but with the marriage contract. When I start hearing women talk about changing that, I'll start listening.

Presumptive paternity is out of the question. No way am I ever going to agree to that. I know women all too well. And I know the law.

The marriage contract is exploitative of men, and the court system is discriminatory against men. So, the simple solution, is to NOT GET MARRIED.

I'm single. Never married. No children. I'm also a millionaire. Yeah, I know, every lies on the internet, but I have no reason to lie. It doesn't benefit me in any way. My family, which basically now is my mother and me, own a real estate company. It's worth millions. And that is absolutely true.

So, what, do you think I'm going to go to a bar or strip club, pick up some girl, and marry her? That would be stupide beyond belief. I'd rather have the money.

This is the thing that women do not understand. The problem is with the contract. I refuse to agree to presumptive paternity, so marriage is out of the question. Yeah, I'll buy dinner and drinks, and srping for a hotel room, but that's about it.

If a child is the result, of course I will support my child, after a paternity test.

But marriage remains out of the qruestion. The problem is with the contract. I do not agree to the terms and conditions. I keep saying this and no one seems to understand it. The terms and conditions of the marriage contract are completetly unacceptable. Only some love drunk, sex addict would agree to it. And he'll be completely bankrupt within four years.

Why get married if you're just going to ge divorced? Divorce is expensive. I can't think of any logical reason to assume presumptive paternity, because I refuse to pay child support for any child that is not mine.

Again, this is a female problem. She wants presumptive paterntiy, guaranteed child support? The least she could do is act like she deserves it. But since she doesn't, no sale.

I repeat, this is a female problem. It's an attitude problem, and it's her problem. The only one who is ever going to do anything about is her.

But she's never going to anything about the problem, is she. Because the law givese her POWER, and she's not about to give that up.

So, as a man, what are my options? Well, I can buy her dinner and drinks, a night at a hotel, and leave.

This is a female problem. She could have been happily married to a millionaire, but no she's too stupid for that. She doesn't understand that the law is exploitative of men and that the courts are discriminatory against men, or maybe she does. In which case, she's worth a on night stand. She doesn't even know my real name.

She offered me sex. i had sex with her. And treated her to a nice hotel. It's over.

That's the end of the relationship. Is she going to be my life partner? No. Is she going to be my helpmate? No. Is she going to be the mother to raise my chilren? No.

So, she's worth what, a couple of drinks and a hotel room. Give me a break.

This is a female problem. And the problem is that they do not address the law.

Men are held accountable under the law. Women are not. This is the issue.

A woman can marry man, abort his child, run around with some boy in a bar, get pregnant, then divorce her husband, take half of everything including the house, and have her ex-husband pay chid support for a child that isn't even his.

Does that make any sense? This is the world we live in.
1 year ago
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I believe it was circa 2002 that there was a very interesting legal case. A man had been held financially responsible for a child, legally determined to be the father, and was making child support payments.

Then a few years later they actually did a paternity test. And it turned out he was not the father. He went back to court to get the judgement overturned

The court then ruled that since the real father was unknown and since the man previously legally determined to be the father was already making payments, and someone had to make the payments, he would keep doing so, regardless of his actual genetic paternity.

So I think that if courts are going to designate a legal "stuckee" to pay for child support, then we will always need actual DNA data to support that decision. The courts seem to refuse to admit or correct their mistakes.
1 year ago
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Mandatory testing at birth is unnecessarily expensive, but it could be done as a matter of course before any support order is put in place, whether welfare or child support.
1 year ago
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time marches on as we see the world using science technology to make the prophecy take place in the book of Revelation about the mark in the hand and the forehead and then the secular morality mark against the common man. The priests of God are to be holy and the common man know he s sinner or their could be no Thomas Jefferson thrown in Atheist Communist capitalist hell gulag his organs used to keep the elite healthy who have the power of hiding their sins from the common man
What a future awaits secular man's morality!
1 year ago
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These three beautiful young childrennow in my life I bring such happy to them and many blessesing then behold their young Mama stop her drinking and begins to take care of herself and responds to my caring heart with so mucg love in her eyes . Then I see for first time her beauty is pouring out of her skin with her long black hair rosy cheeks and flesh figure robust man would kill for figure of speech and then it hit me she is turning into the image of my beloved soulmate I left for great Mission from God many many mnay years ago and broke her heart so this week temptation come in my heart with week knees for a moment staring at this remarkable great beauty of a young woman.
But this this gt=reat storm came remind me I am a Mama's boy with 10,000 year old lilith and 2000 year old Mary Magdeline and 500 year old women saints so this desire nipped in the bud guickly and since I am old enough to be her father even her grand father my job is to find good husband for her and treat her with head bowed for low so I do know not end up like John Calvin in hell for over having to read dusty books for 500 years
I i,pore you me! Help the children but please resist temptation sins with their beautiful flesh young Mamas or hell whirlwinds will carry you to places where great shaking and shivering fear will consume you
1 year ago
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When you begin to do good dobie deeds in life be prepared for Satan to bring you the greatest temptations ever seen like the gift of all the kingdoms of the world some may find tempting but for me to have the most beautiful women who looks like my soulmate from 40 years ago made me dizzy and this is good I had great help resisting the evil sin almost as bad as Satan's sin stealing Eve from Adam
my nose back to the grindstone! Be wise as serpent but remain innocent as dove I implore you to resist temptations that will destroy your worlds
1 year ago
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Hey, I know- why don't we just go ahead and make it mandatory that all women have to pay child support to all the women their husbands committed adultery with and got pregnant- same thing.
1 year ago
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Women have been cheating on their husbands falling in love from the begining as we see with the throne of King David and his beast women Baathsheba forcing King David to make her son King and even before that event we may be glad for not having paternity test when we go back to Eve and then what if we learn the strikingly handsome ageless Satan the Devil is our father and not Adam?
I say keep the innocent baby innocent and not allow baby to the the victim of sin of the beast woman --the man that raise him call him the papa so we cover the sin of beast woman wife and keep the baby innocent and dedicated papa like Joseph was . Let doubting thomas believe God is the child's father and not Satan The Devil which is always the truth since God is really the father of us all
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And, naturally, we must not question that 28% figure. Never mind that it was 28% of CONTESTED paternity cases in which the man's already-existing suspicions were confirmed; fear and mistrust your wife who has done nothing to make you question her!

It is "for the children" that we drive a wedge between man and wife.
1 year ago
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Yes for the mandatory testing, for married and unmarried. If the reported putative father turned out not to be the biological father; then married or unmarried he has no further legal responsibility for the child. This may be changed by his voluntary choice to adopt the child, with emphasis on voluntary. And that adoption would be irrevocable.

And if the putative father is not the biological father, unless the mother rats out the real father so he can be tested and held legally and financially liable; there should be no welfare payments paid based on the child.

Of course, anything that reduces the welfare load and makes parents responsible for their children will be automatically opposed by the Left.

Subotai Bahadur
1 year ago
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Is the mother punished in any way for mis-identifying the father? For example, should getting it wrong be considered a crime (misdemeanor? felony?) and should she be warned of that fact before the identification?
1 year ago
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Yes, paternity testing should mandatory at birth though I'd give men the right to opt out of it. However, if a paternity test isn’t completed then nobody can be named on the birth certificate as the father since it would require a positive genetic match (freeing the father, be it biological or non-biological from all responsibility).

In the event there is no positive genetic match between an alleged father and his girlfriend’s / wife’s new-born children, the former is free from all responsibly to both the woman and her children regardless of whether they are married or not.

In fact the mother of the children should be prosecuted for paternity fraud and for putting her children in danger, especially in light of the risks of illegitimate children possessing potentially life-threatening or incurable heritable disorders / diseases from the true biological father as a result paternity fraud.
1 year ago
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Why give men the right to opt out?
1 year ago
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Because Mothers are Mothers regardless of whom the Father is?

That and men should not be punished in the event that spittoon women try to pass off their illegitimate children as the alleged “father’s” in order to defraud men of their time, money / resources and commitment.
1 year ago
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But the paternity test is supposed to protect men against paternity fraud. (Slightly off topic, there is always the question of whether men should be required to pay child support in any society where women have an absolute right to an abortion. But that is another discussion.)
1 year ago
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Michael Hoskins writes below:

"You clearly have no personal experience with the military.
I resent the slur."


I have experience with the military and I fully know what the phrase "WestPac Wives" means. Do you?
1 year ago
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Born in a Naval Hospital, Father born in a Naval Hospital, continuous active duty (my son currently completing 18th year in the army) since 1919.
I did 24.5 years in the Navy. Yeah, I got a clue.
My point is that infidelity is no more or less common in the service than in current civilian work place. Ask an OTR driver. Or a construction worker, or etc. etc.
1 year ago
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"infidelity is no more or less common in the service than in current civilian work"

I'd love to see your supporting data.
1 year ago
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