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Lying About Israel

December 17th, 2013 - 3:28 pm

About 10 to 20 slanders (at least) are issued against Israel each day. They are frequently complete fabrications, and come from academia, media, politics, or elsewhere. The lying is either simply reported irresponsibly, or reported to intentionally participate in the “big lie.” Institutions and personal careers are benefitted by such moves.

Last month, a former Canadian ambassador — who seems to have been earning a living completely on the misrepresentation of Israel — announced that an Israeli Jewish civil rights lawyer had been attacked by settlers in the West Bank. But the lawyer has said that this isn’t true; he in fact had rocks thrown at him by Palestinians.

After a terrorist in Israel murdered a soldier by knifing him while he was sleeping on a bus, the New York Times photograph only showed the terrorist’s family. The newspaper apparently expected that the sympathy should be given to the terrorist, who might have to do prison time.

But so what? It does not matter if each specific lie is exposed. Nobody is going to change. This certainly doesn’t mean that Israelis never lie and Palestinians never tell the truth, but if we’re talking about what the Israeli state would never do and what the Palestinian state would do, that’s different. Just as in the Cold War, we could easily tell the difference between England and Bulgaria.

But the media does not make a point of spending significant time and money exposing the truth. After all, there have been such lies told about Jews for over 2,000 years. There has been a dense history of hating Jews and not having sympathy for them. This is no surprise;  nor is it a surprise that credible people are inclined to believe these things. For example, a senior Saudi cleric announced that soccer was a Jewish plot; another complained that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion — which many Arabs believe to be true — dictated all of modern Egyptian history. Are ideological extremists (of the left or the right) showing a strong inclination to resist this? Did the New York Times cover the Holocaust in depth when it was happening? What exists here is a situation in which:

  1. Some are sympathetic to the truth;
  2. Some will swallow lies;
  3. And some will spread lies for political advantage.

For example, it is probable that millions of people read blogs denying Israeli claims that some specific lie is not true. Again, I don’t think there is a point in denying every lie. If one wants to do something, one should assess the truth. Once again, the problem with the Arab-Israeli conflict is not accidental; it is the natural result of two things:

  1. The Arab-Islamic general refusal to recognize Israel ever.
  2. The Arab-Islamic inability to destroy Israel.

Get it?

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All Comments   (6)
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That former Canadian ambassador is an idiot (he's made other ludicrous suggestions in the past). But, as you note, trying to counter every single lie told by the media and academics and Leftists would be an endless task (with very little rewards, since the purveyors of the lies seem utterly immune to reason). Instead there are those excellent organizations which monitor the media and request corrections. (Personally, I've stopped viewing/listening to a number of Canadian radio and tv programs which air anti-Israel, anti-Jewish propaganda).
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In history it's been normal in times of war to demonize the other identity. That often ended when the war did, and nations even become friends such as was the case with Japan, America and Germany after WW II.

What we're seeing today is a different thing: it is a war against the identity itself, hardened and institutionalized into a war that never ends because one can't change what one is at birth. Bizarre theories are concocted like "white privilege" or "Jewish privilege" and the uniform of war suddenly becomes one with no buttons or zippers.

It's the difference between America attacking Nazis and Germans. One is against actual people with real names; when they are eliminated the war ends.

Attacking Germans would mean a war which lasted forever, since Germans can't stop being Germans. The only way Jews can ever win this one, is to stop acting like Jews. That is the solution for all bigots. For whites to stop acting white, blacks stop acting black and men or women to stop acting like men and women. Group defamation is a target-rich environment with no end.

The truth is that Israel could allow the PA to completely set the table for negotiations and obey every point and it still wouldn't be enough because there would still be Jews around. That is as much as saying the "solution" is the same as Hitler's "final solution," a war against a people itself won only when to people are gone, or perhaps in this case, when Jews obey the directive of Helen Thomas and go back to Europe and Europe says go back to Palestine.
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AntiSemitism -Israel blaming for building homes,arresting terrorists,not giving gas masks first to Palestinians - on the West Bank- demanding electric bill payments from PA- you name it especially in Europe has gone up since President Obama was elected (there is a US Representative in European Parliament- a DUAL Italian -American who worked for GE as a lawyer-financial deals- name escapes me). What is newsworthy- Sunni regimes are against Hizbollah- now Hamas honchos are unwelcome even in Jordan (Dubai/Oman exempted). The eyes of the lens- meaning actual videos for Israeli news- issuing news briefs for news orgs feeders- commenting on news items with actual facts all over the world. Sweden's Democrats are the latest antiSemites- their book publisher will publish Elders of Zion for Freedom of Speech principle, while the same principle is being used by Institut fuer Zeitgeschichte in reprinting Mein Kampf with 'academic discussion' What is happening with the PISA illeterati in US is inexcusable- in boycotting Israel with their pseudo-voting . Part of it is class- envy/ part of it is 'smarts-envy'- scientific/medical etc)part of it is David and Goliath- how they are anti- true grit.
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The BBC and the NY TIMES are as credible sources for truth about Israel as media matters is for truth about Fox News.

A media, academia or Hollywood film flam artist that has an agenda, is the place to find all manner of fabrication and little in the way of truth or accuracy.

When one continually and incessantly lies for that agenda, the narrative becomes pathological.

The Propaganda Machine has an agenda, has picked a side and is pathological.

The radical left is filled with slander precisely because it would not withstand the light of truth and honesty. It feeds off its own bull.
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The problem is not that the lies are nonsense. It is that the Big Lie technique pioneered by herr Goebbels is so effective. Repeat a lie enough times and enough people will believe it in whole or in part. Some will believe it because they can't believe anyone would says these things publicly if it weren't true. Others are too lazy to look into the facts. Sadly many use the lies to reinforce their natural hatred of the Jewish people. Once you reach a critical mass it becomes a meme. Thus Israel becomes goliath/nazi and the palestinians become David/jews.
People wonder how left wing progressives can support homophobic, misogynistic ,racist antisemitic arabs over the Jews. This is how.Dr Rubin states that we don't have to confront every lie. I think this is a bad strategy. Every lie that dehumanizes Israelis into nazi/apartheid caricatures brings us closer to another Final Solution.
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The Evil genie is out of the Bottle. It all began in 1967 when the Israeli Forces reclaimed all of Jerusalem but in a moment of weakness and misguided secular-Jewish largesse decided to allow the Muslim's Al Aksa Mosque to remain undisturbed on Temple Mount. Temple Mount is a Spiritual Vortex, given to the Jewish Nation to safeguard by the Holy ONE, the Omnipotent Force of all Forces in the Universe, with strict instructions as to what is allowed and forbidden on this most Awesome and powerful Spiritual Powerplant on planet earth. The Jewish People have no Spiritual claim to the Holy Land when they do not fulfill their 'part of the bargain', that is, their G-d given responsibility under the Covenant to serve as Custodians of the Mount. In effect, fulfilling that responsibility, more than any historical claims or 'legal' titles of ownership is what gives legitimacy to the Jewish possession of Jerusalem and the Holy Land.
On a deep and subconscious spiritual level this truth is felt if not understood not only by the European Union and United Nations but particularly by our half brothers in the Muslim world who have rightfully concluded the weakness and spiritual faithlessness of the Jewish Nation in spurning G-d's Will. Their fraudulent possession of Temple Mount and the Israeli Government's complicity in reinforcing of this fraud by officially forbidding any Jewish prayer or even for Jews to set foot there has caused a world-shattering metaphysical imbalance, a short-circuit so to speak.
Since 1967 the cancer of Radical Islam has metastasized world-wide, threatening every civilization with physical and spiritual destruction. The 9-11 attacks, Islamic unrest and Sharia in Europe, everywhere Islam has a presence, the dread and unspeakable menace of two nuclear armed Islamic States, Pakistan and soon Iran just to name a very few nightmares. Is this a coincidence? Is it a coincidence that all three major religions hold Jerusalem as sacred ground to be fought and died for? A coincidence that Jerusalem is never mentioned in Islam's holiest book, Koran, yet thousands of times in Jewish Scripture!
The truth is that nothing can stop this Cancer from spreading. Not Armed forces, Drone assassinations, Civil laws or security checkpoints. Not even the false panacea of a 'successful' political settlement with Arab Palestinians in Judea/Samaria for 'Palestinian' Statehood there will turn the tide and return the 'Genie' to the 'box'. Those are nothing but band-aids on soon-to-be terminal cancer. And more and more as the nations of the world, including formerly friendly ones in European Capitols and Washington D.C. Quietly have begun to openly question the merits, even the 'legitimacy' of the Jewish State, the situation facing Israel has become dire. Far worse than Iranian nukes is this other threat. Sadly, more and more American Jews have come to question Israeli status in that region. The BDS movement grows on American University campuses, most troubling as it now includes growing numbers of young liberal Jewish students, men and women.
Militarily, politically, philosophically, morally ...Israel is becoming weakened on many fronts. It is not certain the Jewish State can survive much longer under the expanded front.
Unless...The Jewish Nation will do what should have been done in 1967. Remove the Al Aksa from Temple Mount. Restore the balance to the Spiritual Vortex as was intended by the Holy ONE. There Is No Other Way. Yes, it will be painful. The region and world will bleed with Muslim fury and world-violence. For a while. And then, the cancer will die as the Genie of Spiritual imbalance is returned to the Bottle. There Is No Other Way. And Time Is Running Out
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