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Egypt: Demonstrators Denounce U.S.-Muslim Brotherhood Alliance

July 3rd, 2013 - 1:16 am

Check out these anti-Obama posters in Cairo to understand what’s wrong with U.S. policy. The opposition–the people on whose side the United States should be–are livid about their view that the United States is backing the Muslim Brotherhood. Note also how the mass media gave much attention to a few anti-Obama demonstrators in South Africa, who criticized him from the far left, but not hundreds of thousands of moderates from the center. A lot of hostility is focussed on the U.S. ambassador, which is typical of Egypt where British ministers were historically–and often accurately–seen as imperial proconsults.

Morsi said in a speech to supporters:

“We have to prove to the world that we are capable of democracy…peacefully we protect the legitimacy…legitimacy is our only guard from future faults….I do not accept anyone saying anything or taking steps against legitimacy; this is completely rejected.”

Meanwhile millions of opponentschant: Leave!


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Quite a collection of protest signs. While I agree with you completely completely that Obama really blundered when he stopped supporting Mubarak and switched his support to the MB, I can only wonder how much of this sentiment is simply anti American and how much is anti Obama. That is, both Bush and the ambassador get heaps too. I say this because to some extent it has the feel of the leftist narrative where no matter what the US does is is always judged to be imperialist and evil. Bottom line I think Obama's attempt to be both anti colonial and post colonial has led him badly astray so that he has managed to back totalitarians and been bitten badly. And ironically the Cairo speech is where he began this self destructive journey.
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