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Save Our Celebrities!

July 18th, 2013 - 7:41 am
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With everything going on in the news these days — I mean, didn’t Jennifer Aniston recently get a haircut or something? — this seems like a goofy thing to get annoyed about, but I have to confess it got to me. I saw this originally on Big Hollywood: Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Katie Holmes was walking with her 7-year-old daughter Suri and they were surrounded by paparazzi. And Suri both rightly and kind of cutely was telling these photog thugs to get out of her way and one of them — a grown man — started calling the child names! Another more human photographer tries to remonstrate with this lowlife — but the guy insists he’s in the right! Watch the video — I’m not making this up. The pap doubles down, explaining that no, the 7-year-old actually deserves to be catcalled and by golly he’s just the he-man to do the job! So help me, I’ll retire to Bedlam.

Hey, no one can accuse this blog of being soft on celebrities, but I’ve never subscribed to this idea that just because someone desires to win renown he therefore sacrifices every ounce of his privacy. I know we can’t really restrict the actions of photographers without compromising our First Amendment rights, but is it too much to ask we be allowed to tie them up in canvas sacks and toss them into the Hudson River? Or maybe with Eric Holder re-examining Stand Your Ground laws (for some reason), we might look into extending the meaning of self-defense to include confrontations between the rich and famous and these annoying lens-termites. We could even make special categories for those particularly afflicted. For instance, whereas someone like Tom Hanks — not usually hunted by swarms of paps — could only open fire on one when actually being hounded, someone like Angelina Jolie would be allowed to break into a photographer’s home, creep into his bedroom and smother him in his sleep without facing any legal consequences.

All right, I said it was silly. But really, how far do you have to sink before you start screaming insults at children? Yuck-o.


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Saul Alinsky. Haarvard law school ? Reverend Wright. Chicago teachers for lessons for life. Small print? Star student Barack H. Obama or whats his name. In footsteps of "Democratic" PARTY priesthood of the Kennedys, the Clintons, Pelosi/Reid, J. Jackson, Al Sharpton, their clones and ilk.

With useful troupes /troops "look mom I'm on TV" gathering in praise of their "Messiah".

Magicians of Elmer Gantry model. and his "congregation". People who should know better or so they tell us. Intellectuals and best and brightest doncha know beat the drums and blow the trumpets of this show.

What an advantages a "black" skin and mouth in this "progressed" from the dinosaurs Age of electronic Media. New Age infants/adolescents from whose mouths drop like the gentle rain from heaven pearls of wisdom.

Same tune, same lyrics for the Rock Stars of the show. Still that same old tyme religion of GIGO.
1 year ago
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I would think that in order for a paparazzi to be successful he has to dehumanize his subject on some level. To view the celeb as a means to his end. To view them as a person would mean running the risk of growing a conscience. ...That being said, why should the size and age of the target make a difference? I mean, it's not like they're people, right?

fromnothingcomics dot com
1 year ago
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You are absolutely right! The PARENTS are famous, not the 7-yr old. The kid did not ask to be famous or pursue fame. Give her a break!
1 year ago
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