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HHS Secretary Says Ebola 'Difficult' to Catch, Urges Doctors to Help Obamacare Signups

American Academy of Family Physicians members note many patients who had private insurance are now covered under Obamacare or Medicaid.

‘Lone Wolf,’ or ‘Known Wolf’? The Ongoing Counter-Terrorism Failure

‘Lone Wolf,’ or ‘Known Wolf’? The Ongoing Counter-Terrorism Failure

An extensive report shows how U.S. law enforcement missteps and dangerous policies keep getting people killed.

6 of the Greatest Guitar Masters of All Time

6 of the Greatest Guitar Masters of All Time

Is your favorite included?


NY Hatchet Attacker, Zale Thompson, Had Islamic Facebook Page

NY Hatchet Attacker, Zale Thompson, Had Islamic Facebook Page

Screenshots of his Facebook page with Islamic imagery.

Could It Possibly Get Any Worse?… It Already Did!

Could It Possibly Get Any Worse?… It Already Did!

Bowling for Ebola.

Obama Just Nationalized the Georgia Senate Race

Obama Just Nationalized the Georgia Senate Race


FBI Chief: ‘Data Encryption Leading Us to Very, Very Dark Place’

FBI Chief: ‘Data Encryption Leading Us to Very, Very Dark Place’

Argues law must keep up with new technologies to let government intercept and monitor communications.

New York Doctor Tests Positive for Ebola Hours After Lawmakers Ask Obama for Prep Update

Doctors Without Borders volunteer was bowling, taking subway yesterday; Obama was meeting with Ebola czar.

Man Attacks Group of NYPD Officers with Hatchet, Wounding Five

CNN reports suspect's Facebook page has "links to extremism."

Colorado GOP Has Obama to Thank for New Talking Point

State chairman talks to PJM about Gardner's Senate race, the future of the party and listening to an electorate that likes bipartisanship.

Canadian Police Offer New Details About Ottawa Shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau

Police say that he acted alone.

Canada: Two Fatal Jihadist Attacks in 48 Hours

Two Canadians in uniform have been murdered by Muslim converts since Monday. Up here, reaction ranges from raging fury to smug satisfaction.

Holder’s Justice Department Isn’t Interested in the Facts in Ferguson

Holder doesn't want the American people to know the facts.

Dem Congressman: ‘Everybody’s Hair on Fire’ That ‘Somehow the Muslim Hordes are Going to Come Get Us’

"There's no evidence for that," McDermott says in wake of Canada attacks.

What Makes a Great Movie?

Looking for must-see films?

Fresh Out of Real Support in Texas, Wendy Davis Tweeps Steal Pic of College Republicans

Purloined peeps.

White House Trying to Determine If Canada Attack was Terrorism

In latest magazine, ISIS encouraged killing an "American or European – especially the spiteful and filthy French – or an Australian, or a Canadian." UPDATE: Jihadi account tweets photo

Gunman Opens Fire in Canada’s Capital (Updates: Lockdown in Ottawa)

Multiple gunmen reported.

BREAKING: Reports Say ISIS Hits U.S. Embassy in Baghdad with Mortars


Christie Chides Politicians for ‘Stoking the Hysteria’ About Ebola

Says parents need to talk to kids and tell them "they are not at risk." MORE: Lawmakers say new travel restrictions don't go far enough

PJTV’s Trifecta: Voter Suppression via Obama: Democrats Flee Former Political Prodigy

Are These 6 Habits Holding Men Back? From What?

What makes your list of ideas preventing you from succeeding?

$7 Billion in Drug-War Spending Later, Afghan Poppy Cultivation in Full Bloom

Despite U.S. trying to develop "alternative livelihoods" for Afghan farmers, opium is winning big.

Why Would Any Man Vote Democrat?

How many ways has the party waged war on masculinity?

Crist-Obama: The Hug That Keeps on Giving Campaigns Ad Material

CNN pulls the plug on FanGate sequel before Crist faces off with Gov. Rick Scott tonight.

Obama’s Path to an Imperial Presidency

The New York Times reveals that Obama is committed to bypassing Congress on an Iran deal.

Pentagon Confirms One Bundle of Arms to Kurds ‘Didn’t Make It’ as ISIS Claims Airdrop Seizure

"Free grenades just fall from the sky!"

Obama’s ‘Core al-Qaeda Concept… Now Coming Back to Bite All of Us’

Intelligence Committee member Nunes, gunning for chairmanship in the next Congress, talks to PJM about White House terror narratives and "al-Qaeda 6.0."

Begich Refuses to Run From Liberal Label

A deep line in the sand has been drawn between Begich and Sullivan by women’s rights groups and Planned Parenthood.

Does Everybody Want Freedom?

Most do, even those who appear to enjoy slavery.

The Elites Are Stupid

Exhibit number one: the columnists at the New York Times.

Hillary Clinton: Business Don’t Create Jobs!

Hillary Clinton: Business Don’t Create Jobs!


10 Ways to Avoid Regretting Your Wedding

10 Ways to Avoid Regretting Your Wedding

You can have a great, regret-free wedding without sacrificing yourself to the Wedding Idol. Here's how.

Breaching our Maginot Line: Ebola in U.S. Was Clearly Preventable

Breaching our Maginot Line: Ebola in U.S. Was Clearly Preventable

Each security protocol was knowingly inadequate.

Wendy Davis Now Seen as a Drag on Other Democrats

Wendy Davis Now Seen as a Drag on Other Democrats

Mascot for doom.

Wargaming the Midterms

Wargaming the Midterms

How bumpy will the last week before November be?

ISIS Leader Was Member of ‘Moderate’ Muslim Brotherhood

ISIS Leader Was Member of ‘Moderate’ Muslim Brotherhood

Again, Islam’s "good cop/bad cop" routine successfully interrogates the West.

Atlas Shrugged in 7 minutes: Saving You 47 Hours, 21 Minutes, and Perhaps Your Very Soul

The novel takes a frank look at what human nature has done to the world — empowering the most venal, and cowing the masses into quivering inertia by establishing centralized, all-controlling governments staffed by self-loathing idiots. Who can argue with that thesis?

VIDEO: Emotional Standing Ovation for Canadian Hero Kevin Vickers

Took down the terrorist.

John Kerry’s Peace Partners: Fatah Facebook Page Honors Yesterday’s Murder of Israeli Infant

Enough with the low expectations. At the very least, demand your State Department act human. (Also read: “Immoral: State Dept. Urges ‘All Sides to Maintain Calm’ After Hamas Murders Baby”)

The Great ‘Workplace Violence’ Epidemic

This latest incident in Ottawa is a painful reminder: we must never, ever call this epidemic by its real name. That would be a fatal mistake.

Dem Panic According to the New York Times

You don’t need to be a genius to know that Democrats are worried about the midterm elections.

We Need to Call It Terrorism

The Obama administration’s practice of denying that terrorist attacks are terrorist attacks has been profoundly foolish.

Immoral: State Dept. Urges ‘All Sides to Maintain Calm’ After Hamas Murders Baby

Two questions for those who can speak such a thing without shame.

Canadian PM Calls Attacker ‘Terrorist,’ Vows ‘We Will Not be Intimidated’

Obama speaks: "Obviously, the situation there is tragic. We don't yet have all the information about what motivated the shooting."

Why Is President Obama Running Around the Country Kissing Women?

Is it too much to ask him to keep his lips to himself at a time like this?

Soldier, Murderer in Ottawa Shooting ID’d (Update: ISIS Posts Photo)

Search for other gunmen continues.

O’Keefe Video: Voter Fraud Ground Zero in ‘Ghetto Aurora’

Lawlessness and racism, unleashed by Colorado's vulnerable "vote-by-mail" system.

Cornel West: ‘All Our Phones Are Tapped’

"You’ve got Wall Street criminals walking free, sipping tea at the White House," he tells D.C. audience.

The 10 Most Influential Science Fiction Stories of the 1910s

These are the tales that laid the foundation for a century's worth of creative visions.

12 Days Until Midterms, and Here’s Your Election News Headquarters

Visit The Grid for regular updates of the stories that matter in this year's hottest races.

Teacher Tenure Opposition Gets Some Powerful Advocates

Former CNN anchor says legal efforts needed to overturn policies that make it nearly impossible to fire incompetent teachers.

Christie ‘Tired of Hearing About’ Raising the Minimum Wage

+1 for the big guy.

If Hillary Had a Daughter She Would Look Like Monica Lewinsky

Would Hillary have advised her own daughter to just shut up and take it?

North Korea Releases Ohio Tourist, Pentagon Sends in Plane to Get Fowle

Comes a month after another captured American was sentenced to six years of hard labor.

Marvel’s ‘Civil War’ Isn’t Pretty — But It’s Not Paranoid, Either

Why Slate's Jamelle Bouie is wrong to depict the upcoming Captain America movie plot line as some "far-right" fantasy.

To MSNBC, It’s Racism All the Way Down


What the World Needs Now Is… Another Arab State?

Advocacy for “Palestine” breaks all records for irrationality.

Is Mark Steyn’s PR Firm Accepting New Clients?

Monica Lewinsky debuts on Twitter; Steyn interviews her famous dress in chapter one of his brand new book. There are no coincidences...

Monica Lewinsky’s First Big Speech: Shaming the Internet into Stopping the Shame Game

You see the genuinely immoral aspect of her adulterous affair with Hillary Clinton's husband cannot be found in anything she did -- unless loving too much is a crime...

Attendees Leave Maryland Campaign Rally When Obama Appears

Change! A steady stream of Democrats walked out while the POTUS spoke and a heckler interrupted him. For complete 2014 midterm coverage, get your campaign fix on The Grid.)