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Obama's 'Final Assault' On Guns

Obama's 'Final Assault' On Guns

Last gasp effort by Obama to restrict Second Amendment rights.

On Kelly File: DOJ, the Police, and Cleveland

On Kelly File: DOJ, the Police, and Cleveland

Justice Department bias against police officers.

Cruz: Schools that Boycott Israel Should Lose Federal Dollars

Cruz: Schools that Boycott Israel Should Lose Federal Dollars

A warning to universities who may think of adopting a BDS policy.


Pelosi: Pope Probably Wouldn’t Agree with Rubio on Religious Freedom

Pelosi: Pope Probably Wouldn’t Agree with Rubio on Religious Freedom

And why she thinks that a woman president will put her party back in congressional power.

The Future in Tomorrowland Is Bright, Optimistic, and Fun — Just Like Walt Disney Envisioned It!

 The Future in <i>Tomorrowland</i> Is Bright, Optimistic, and <i>Fun</i> — Just Like Walt Disney Envisioned It!

Disney's new film makes more sense when you understand the bold ideas that inspired it.

Can the Taliban Five Be Kept from Leaving Qatar?

Can the Taliban Five Be Kept from Leaving Qatar?

White House discussing "the kind of steps that we believe are important to protecting the American people."

Another Retirement-Aged White Person Will Run for Party of Youth and Diversity’s Nomination

Another Retirement-Aged White Person Will Run for Party of Youth and Diversity’s Nomination

Finally, some 62-year-old young blood.

Guess Which GOP Candidate Gives Chris Matthews a Thrill Up His Leg

The left's favorite Republican.

Assassin’s Veto: Our Muhammad Ad Spurs D.C. Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to Ban All ‘Issue’ Ads

As the otherwise secular media addresses him as "The Prophet Muhammad," it's clear that the assassin's veto works.

Have the Duggars Made Christianity Look Bad?

Michael Reagan thinks so.

Jihad, the Failed ‘Surge,’ and the Abandonment of Iraq’s Non-Muslim Minorities

Don't just blame Obama's Iraq withdrawal. Even post-"Surge," support for the slaughter of "infidels" was as strong as ever.

(Not) Defeating ISIS and Iran

We would do well to remember that a lot of the history of 20th century totalitarianism shows that fanatical ideologies (fascism, Nazism and communism, for example) were fatally undermined by military defeat.

Is Income Inequality the Fault of the States?

As much as Dems make it a campaign issue, there may not be much federal policies can do.

Here Are al-Qaeda’s Guidelines for Which ‘Blasphemers’ to Assassinate

"A series of operations initiated by the different branches of al-Qaeda on the orders" of Zawahiri.

Interview: Jimmy Wallace on the Annual Dallas International Guitar Festival

If you have any interest in the electric guitar, Dallas is the place to be this weekend.

Quoting PJM, Mark Levin Slams Obama for Ignoring Shocking Rise In U.S. Terror Arrests

The Obama administration is putting American lives at risk.

Hezbollah Builds War Tunnels; UN Peacekeepers Host Clown Show

The show featured a "team of highly trained professionals specialized in clown therapy to promote messages of hope and peace."

Obama Tells DNC Donors It’s ‘Liberating’ as Second Term ‘Concentrates the Mind’

"But ultimately, an eight-year span in the life of a country is pretty short."

Rand Paul Reveals His True Colors and Destroys Himself

I'm done with Rand. Like his father before him, why does Rand Paul act like ISIS and Al-Qaeda were invented by a cabal of Neocons in 2003?

The 7 Reasons Scott Walker Should Get the Republican Nomination for President

A vetted veteran of the worst attacks the Left can muster, Walker stood tall, triumphed, and his ideas worked.

The Science Is Settled: Cheap Wine Tastes Fantastic

You've now got the best excuse you'll ever need to buy cheap wine when you have visitors coming over.

Should I Run for President? Election 2016 as ‘The Voice’

Well, should I? Don't laugh.

Houston Man Charged With Supporting ISIS, Helping Friend Travel To Syria To Join Terror Group

20-year-old Asher Abid Khan of Spring, Texas brings number of terror arrests this year to 41

While D.C. Downplays Risk, U.S. Sees Shocking Rise in Terror Arrests This Year

It's only May, but 2015 has seen 41 U.S. individuals arrested for terror charges, nearly double the combined total for 2013 and 2014. (Also read: Houston Man Charged With Supporting ISIS".)

‘Massive Expansion of Federal Power’: EPA Issues New Rules Over Waters Near Rivers

Ponds, streams, marshes on private property can be subject to regulation if they "impact downstream waters."

Homeland Security Chairman to PJM on Immigration: First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem

"Because we have so many illegal immigrants, because we have a president that knows no constitutional constraints..."

Finally! Boys Explained: If It’s Fun, Let’s Make It Dangerous

And let's be honest, they don't ever really grow out of it, do they?

Where Would You Rather Live? Minneapolis or San Angelo?

Americans voting with their feet.

Judge Napolitano Says Judicial Slapdowns of Presidential Actions ‘Rare’ in American History, Raises Specter of ‘I’ Word

"What's the remedy when the president doesn't do what he took an oath to do?"

Iran Begins ‘Trial’ for Post Reporter as Families of Hostages Finally Get Their Day Before Congress

Judge presiding over Rezaian's case is so bad he was blacklisted by EU for show trial death sentences.

100,000 Taxpayer Records Stolen from IRS


Rising Crime Rates: It’s Not Just Baltimore

Rising Crime Rates: It’s Not Just Baltimore

Cops all over the country have seen the six Baltimore police officers served up to appease the mob. And you’ll never guess what happens next…

Comedy Gurus Turn American Morals into a Big, Fat Joke

Comedy Gurus Turn American Morals into a Big, Fat Joke

What happens when comedians become the nation’s leading authority on values.

VSU Flag Stomper Eric Sheppard Apprehended in Tampa (Video)

VSU Flag Stomper Eric Sheppard Apprehended in Tampa (Video)

His attorney says Sheppard is "not a threat to the community" and he's "merely a college kid trying to figure out life under some extraordinary circumstances."

Are ‘Hawks’ the Real Reason for ISIS?

Are ‘Hawks’ the Real Reason for ISIS?

Why people get upset when Rand Paul talks this way.

Biden Warns Liberals: ‘We Always Lose the Bumper Sticker War with Republicans’

Biden Warns Liberals: ‘We Always Lose the Bumper Sticker War with Republicans’

"We Democrats, we're sophisticated jerks lots of times," veep says of promoting middle-class message.

Inside the Dark and Scary World of Mommy Tech

Inside the Dark and Scary World of Mommy Tech

Who doesn't need an app to monitor baby's vitals 24/7?

Shocker: Morality Goes Out the Window, Americans Embrace Social Liberalism

The hippies have taken over: anything goes.

Mad Voter Looks at the May 28 Presidential Poll

Analyzing the latest Quinnipiac University poll on the Republican horse race and Democratic one-woman race.

O’Malley Keeps Trolling Opponents with Youth and Hip Guitar Skills

Governor's announcement coming tomorrow.

SHOCK VIDEO: Widespread Support for Sharia and Blasphemy Laws…in Minneapolis

Documentary producer Ami Horowitz finds surprising attitudes in the ground zero of American terror recruitment

Those Dumbwatch Blues

While I do miss wearing a watch, I'm still not sure this first-gen Apple Watch is the device to rekindle that old love.

Marilyn Mosby Has a Twitter Problem (Video)

Did "the laziest hacker ever" really hack into State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby's personal Twitter account?

Pew Says Only 70% of Americans Are Christian, Jesus Says It’s Much Less Than That

The gate to eternal life remains narrow.

Occupy Wall Street Comes to Series Television

A conspiracy by the "top 1% of the top 1%."

Marilyn Mosby to Perform in Baltimore Circus

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, welcome to #BlackLivesMatter...

Survey Says: Want to Be Happy? Have Kids! Less Stressed? Stay at Home with Them!

How can we, as a culture, generate more time with our kids?

Fox News Contributor Goes Off on Christians

So Bible verses are "vile" now?

Indiana Grandma Now ISIS Supporter ‘Jihad Kathie,’ Living and Inciting Violence in Germany

German media highlighted the American jihadist transplant and her husband after they flew the ISIS flag outside their home. She has a valid passport and can return to the U.S. at any time.

Obama’s Lawless Immigration ‘Overhaul’ in Legal Limbo

Justice Department won't appeal directly to Supreme Court -- for now.

Who Lost Ramadi?

Everyone -- and no one.

‘In the Interim We Lose Lives’: Congresswoman Pushes for Tanning Ban for Minors

Compared to other issues being debated in Congress, DeLauro said, “This one is a matter of life and death.”

The Perfect Storm: ISIS, the Taliban, Uzbek Terrorists, al-Qaeda, Haqqani in Afghanistan

Afghan officials sound the alarm about their new unwelcome guests, but U.S. officials aren't showing same sense of urgency.

Hillary’s Hokey, Fake Southern Accent Makes an Appearance in South Carolina

She recommends "Kiki's Chicken and Waffles."

Bill Clinton Formed His Shell Company Two Days After Hillary Was Picked As Top Diplomat

An interesting detail.

Jeb Bush’s Hot Tub Time Machine

He might as well be running for the '96 nomination.

Kierkegaard and ‘Trigger Warnings’

The correct response to these coddled complainers is to enjoy their self-satire.

Illinois Becomes First to Approve Anti-BDS Legislation

Opponents fear policies "construed to silence any criticism of Israeli policies.”

Will Vanilla Ice Cream Be the Downfall of the United States?

When someone buys vanilla ice cream, he's basically right there with John Wilkes Booth, helping him steady his aim at Abraham Lincoln's head.

White House Graduates Sacking of Ramadi from ‘Setback’ to ‘Not Unsubstantial Setback’

"We saw a pretty effective tactic used by ISIL..."

(VIDEO) ‘Morning Joe’ Panel Breathlessly Speculates About Hillary’s Coattails and 2016 Dem Landslide

"We totally found a way to rig the lottery!"