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Letters from the Muslim world; a 9/11 sampling from my inbox

As the proprietor of the Mohammed Image Archive, I get a continuous stream of letters from Muslims around the world, offering their opinions about me, my Web site, Islam, and the West. Every now and then, when I get a free moment (not often these days), I update the Archive's Emails From Readers page with a selection of the latest arrivals. And a few months ago I posted some representative examples of the kind of communiqués I get from Muslims in an essay I wrote about the Mohammed Image Archive.

But the letters keep pouring in. Hardly an hour goes by without at least one email from a reader somewhere in the Muslim world telling me exactly what is on his or her mind.

To mark 9/11 this year, I present below some of the emails I have received in just the last week. (All emails are unedited and appear here exactly as they arrived, except to abbreviate the senders' full names.)

Let the dialogue begin!

From: H. Nehal

To: The Mohammed Image Archive

Subject: Suggestion

Hey, my name is H. Nehal. I'm from Pakistan. You can make this website even better if you post some of your picctures on it with you little dick in her ass, or maybe you can post some of your mother's milky boobs. Your hairy ass' pictures will work just ass fine.

You're drawing our Prophet Salallaho Alaihay Wassalam, but you're actually showing your own thinking by these pictures. Of how you think of your Gods. Our Prophet was a great person, and these pictures you're drawing won't do any harm to him or us, instead it might take you by surprize. Do you know there was a man who drew Mohhammed S.A.W.W's pictures and after two weeks he died of electric shock?

If not then now you do. I hope you and your whole team die the same way. No, actually, in a much worse manner. Maybe by burning alive or drowning, as Prophet S.A.W.W said that this was the worst suffering for a dying person.

Allah sees all, and He is the one who created your filthy soul and rotten body, and He'll be the one to cut it into pieces one by one.

You'll rot in hell and you'll be made to drink blood and puss. That's what happens when you provoke someone's religion.

Rot in hell you bastard.


From: Anees

may Allah curse you remove those pictures of our prophet.

From: sanyam S. (India)

Subject: Re - strict actions needed

I am syed hasan , the muslim leader , & Head of military forces , ISLAM . I went through your website , & I immediately want the name of the owner . The way he dealt with the beliefes of islamic & christiatnity followers are punishable under law & , the images of MUHAMMAd he published , i would not even like to split on his face . I am giving you the warning if these pics are not deleted imeediately , i will take the case to national cort , saudi arabia & also to president of USA . I have given name of your site in media of India , California & mecca . & You will consequently see thow the owner of tis site will be severely punished . I have accomodated many christians & muslims , officers & they are ready to take immediate actions . the punishment can even be death sentence on appeal of all muslims & christians . i am writing this so that if possible delete your website or give me the numbers & details of the owner , for immediate actions .

Syen hasan

Muslim legal head,

Officer of national military mecca

From: zubair m. (Pakistan)

oy dog why you make cartoon of our beloved prophet. you fuck bitch of son hramzady

From: Emre C. S.

Thanks for this great site. You made a service to humanity. I'm living in Istanbul, Turkey. Despite the false statistics and European perspective, religion here is weakening each day. Ruling class and poor people following them seems like devout muslims, but there's a large crack in the fast growing middle-class community, which could clearly be seen since the Internet growing popular in the early 2000's. People will learn the freedom of speech this way or another. And depiction of some 1400 years old cunning Arabian dude won't be a problem anymore. The destruction of religion is key to the free conscious humanbeing, and sites like you are accelerating this process. I just can't thank you enough.

From: v. vierra

Subject: stu**d

Prophet Muhammad is not as ugly as it , stu**d..

He is not as ugly as you..

From: Mr. Budin

Subject: What is your motivation??

What is your aiming by doing this exactly?? What is your motivation? You have to know that for islam and for muhammad, what your doing is nothing, you can't make trust declined for islam, or even this religion will gone from this world by publishing that picture.. But for sure.. for the moslem community, you just doing that to insult and you will face the risk for yourself. Same as one of you will stand and try to kill us.. if we draw your leadership, your messangger, or your "God" (if you believe in God) in a bad way... You can't claim that all of you is on the right way.. or that is your human right, by insult the others... That is really not a peacefully!!

From: arif c. (Germany)

Subject: Stop Drawing Sketches of Muhammad S.A.W.W (P.B.U.H)

There are many other ways for freedom of speech. I ask you not to play with the emotions of Muslims and remove all the related stuff from your web site.