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San Francisco "Anti-War" Rally: The New Communist/Truth/Jihad Alliance

On March 20, a coalition of communist groups, 9/11 "Truth" activists and anti-Israel extremists gathered in San Francisco to protest against -- well, just about everything.

The event was in theory an "anti-war" rally timed to coincide with the seventh anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, but since that war is basically over, the anti-war movement now has not only evaporated almost completely but has also lost its focus, as a plethora of tangential issues and petty gripes have taken center stage.

And so, without the veneer of faux-pacifism to disguise the protesters' true feelings, one stance has emerged as the unifying philosophy:


The glory days of the 21st-century anti-war movement were in 2003 and 2004, when tens of thousands of naive "average Americans" would show up at each anti-war event. Then, as I documented extensively over the years at zombietime, far-left and extremist groups quickly seized control of the movement and tried to lead the middle-of-the-road protesters leftward politically. But as the radicalism escalated with each successive protest, the sane people all stopped coming, the rallies started getting smaller and smaller, and from 2004 onward it's been a continuous downward slide.

Now we've reached rock bottom. Only a couple thousand people showed up for this year's protest, all of whom were hardcore radicals. Gone are the naive hangers-on, or anyone in the central 98% of the political spectrum. All that's left of the anti-war movement are the revolutionaries, the diehards and the crazies.

When I say that the rally was composed of "communist groups, 9/11 'Truth' activists and anti-Israel extremists," I'm not exaggerating or mischaracterizing the nature of the participants. These people are stone-cold, self-admitted and unapologetic communists. And in equal numbers, Truthers who think the United States perpetrated 9/11 intentionally. And jihad-sympathizers who want Israel to disappear.

Below, I present the photographic evidence proving the presence and dominance of these three groups, along with a new emerging class: people disappointed in and angry with Obama (for being insufficiently left-wing). And at the end of this report we'll see some other reports of a similar rally in Los Angeles that mirrored this one almost exactly in every respect.

But before we get to these "theme sections," let's take a quick tour among the unaffiliated San Francisco eccentrics.

Many of the protesters presented very persuasive and carefully thought-out arguments against the war. For example, this woman really got me to thinking with her message that "War Is Stupid! Stupid!!"

And how can you argue with the logic of "Military Industrial Bullshit!!"?

I weep for my country.

There's naiveté, but this is something way beyond mere naiveté. What's the word I'm looking for? Idiocy?