Today We Are One: Photos from the Tea Party's One-Year Anniversary

Exactly one year ago, the “Tea Party” movement was born.

Though there is no exact date marking the precise emergence of the Tea Party movement, everyone agrees that it coalesced sometime in late February, 2009, in response to the massive government spending program called “The Stimulus Bill.” Since that time, the Tea Party movement has grown to stand in opposition to “Big Government” in all its forms, and in commemoration of its one-year anniversary, several cities hosted Tea Party Birthday Parties on Saturday. This post is a photo safari to the various BirthTea Parties around the country.


New York

Urban Infidel covered the New York birthday party and brought home these pictures:

St. Louis

Gateway Pundit featured coverage of Saturday’s party in St. Louis, where 1,500 people gathered at the foot of the Gateway Arch:

Temecula, California

The American Power Blog documented the festivities in Temecula in southern California, where a small BirthTea Party erupted on Saturday. Attendees including the dreaded Tax Zombie (no relation):


Instapundit posted a couple photos from reader Don Brockette who was there in Dallas among 1,500 fellow tea-partiers:

[Update: More photos from Dallas here from “JustAl.”]

Nationwide Retrospective

El Marco’s “Looking at the left” blog is now featuring a nice photo retrospective of the the preceding year’s Tea Party highlights, including some of his favorite pics from past rallies in Colorado and Washington, DC, such as:

San Francisco (last year)

As for me, the only Tea Party I ever witnessed in person was last October 15, when over a thousand protesters showed up to “greet” Obama at a fundraiser with signs like these:


Just today, (Sunday, February 28, 2010), Nancy Pelosi continued to repeat her ludicrous claim that the Tea Party is a fake, dubbing it “astroturfing,” and nothing but a ploy by the GOP to make it appear that it has grassroots support. Of course, everyone knows that even Nancy herself doesn’t believe this claim, but she still thinks that the ol’ “Big Lie” strategy stills works — that if you repeat a falsehood enough times, it becomes true.


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