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On Bloomberg

InstaPundit is heavily pushing a number of my tweets, including this one and this one, which bash Michael Bloomberg for his indefensible (as I said at the time) pre-storm comments and actions. So I imagine I'll get some questions about them. That's fair, and I stand by what I said last night on Twitter, when I went on quite a tear about the issue.

Yes, I'm angry at "Hizzoner." Not for failing to prevent an act of nature, but for failing to do his damn job properly -- and, worse, grossly misleading the public -- during the run-up to this extremely well-forecasted storm. Yes, I think a public accounting of his gross errors is required, at a bare minimum.

But I also don't want to keep obsessing endlessly about this right now. I've made my point. I've made it firmly. And I will keep calling out any dishonest CYA statements by public officials about storm "expectations," like this one by Bloomberg (see also here). I think it's critical to do that in real time, lest inaccurate memes take hold in the public consciousness. At the same time, I don't want to be perceived as grandstanding, and as having an axe to grind against Bloomberg in particular, while people are suffering. Certainly, I am not trying to beat my chest and brag about having been "right." I wish I'd been "wrong" (in the sense that NYC had lucked out). This isn't about me; what I said was obvious and unremarkable, in my view. It's about Bloomberg. But anyway, y'all know where I stand; I don't need to keep repeating it.

For the record, though, I did add a lengthy "update" last night to the bottom of my "Get The Hell Out." I knew that post would get some attention in retrospect, and I wanted to flesh out my position a bit, and address the obvious counterarguments, in the body of the post. I'll reprint that update here, after the jump, for those who are interested. And that's all I'll have to say about the matter in this space, at least for the moment.

UPDATE: Okay, so Kathleen Parker forced me to say a little bit more...

Okay... now for that "update" to my earlier post, reposted after the jump: