Hollywood Film Awards Devolve Into Full-Blown Clinton Campaign Event

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We all know that Hollywood busts at its seams with pretentious leftists. So it shouldn’t surprise us that the Hollywood Film Awards presentation quickly devolved into a full-blown Hillary Clinton campaign event over the weekend. From Deadline:


“We are here to celebrate the movies of Hollywood and nobody throws a party better than Carlos de Abreu and the Hollywood film awards,” [Robert] De Niro said [while accepting the Hollywood Comedy Award for his work in the upcoming Taylor Hackford-directed dramedy The Comedian] before pivoting to the election. “But the shadow of politics is hanging over us more than anything else and it’s hard to think of anything else. We have the opportunity to prevent Tuesday from turning into a tragedy. So vote for Hillary Clinton.”

You have to love the brief moment of self-awareness there. De Niro acknowledges that what he’s about to say has nothing whatsoever to do with the purpose of the event. But to hell with it. He just can’t help himself.

He wasn’t the only one. Host James Corden reportedly peppered his remarks with anti-Trump commentary:

Naturally, De Niro’s pitch for Clinton got great reaction from the audience, who gave him extended applause as he exited the stage. Immediately after, Host James Cordon [sic], who started the night joking that the HFA are a lot like the Trump campaign “except these awards really are rigged”, came back onstage to poll the audience. “Show your hands if you’re voting for Donald Trump” the Late Late Show host said.

The result: a show-of-hands equivalent to a standing ovation. Well, except for one member of the audience, a woman who stood up, shouted “who cares?!” and started dancing, as if to indicate her support for Donald Trump. To that, Cordon [sic] was direct: “Shut the f*ck up, you look like somebody who’d be voting for Donald Trump.”


The wording of the report is a bit confusing there. But it seems that both Corden and the audience were in the bag for Hillary.

That’s fine. Whatever. But why are any of them talking about it at an industry awards show? Who are they trying to convince? Do they think the one lady Corden berated for defying leftist uniformity was somehow converted?



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