1.6 Million Enrollees Drop Out of Obamacare After Not Paying Their Premiums

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A fair number of Obamacare enrollees didn’t get the memo that their free healthcare actually costs something. From the Associated Press:

About 1.6 million people who signed up for coverage this year under President Barack Obama’s health care law dropped out by the end of March, according to administration figures released late Thursday.

The report from the Health and Human Services departmentr said some 11.1 million people were still signed up. But that’s a drop of nearly 13 percent from the 12.7 million who initially enrolled for subsidized private coverage this year. Those dropouts failed to seal the deal by paying their premiums.

The pattern of attrition is not new, and has been seen each year since customers began receiving health law coverage in 2014…


The administration claims to still be on track to meet their enrollment goals, attributing much of the attrition to expected causes like enrollees switching to employer-provided plans. The point remains that all this free healthcare comes with a price tag that many simply don’t want to pay.


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