'Captain America: Civil War' Takes in $200 Million Before U.S. Opening

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The international receipts have poured in, and Captain America: Civil War has hauled in an astounding $200 million for Disney’s Marvel Studios before darkening a single American theater. When combined with receipts from its other released properties, including the live-action Jungle Book and the persistent animated hit Zootopia, Disney has claimed $1.24 billion.


Captain America: Civil War is The Best Avengers Film

The international success of Civil War bodes well for American fans, who will be able to catch screenings on Thursday night. It confirms the value suggested by both early reviews and the confidence expressed in Disney’s marketing. The studio offered press screenings an uncharacteristic month in advance of the film’s opening, and did not impose the typical embargo on reviews leading up to the week before release. Unless there’s some odd cultural disconnect between domestic and international audiences, the film should not disappoint Americans.


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