Victorious Trump Calls for Party Unity

Photo by Olivier Douliery/Sipa USA

Can’t we all just get along? Donald Trump didn’t quite put it that way during a press conference addressing his primary victories on Tuesday, but that was the gist. The increasingly likely Republican nominee for president encouraged detractors within the party to get behind him. From Real Clear Politics:


“I say let’s come together folks,” Trump said Tuesday night. “We’re going to win. I say let’s come together… Some people you are just not going to get along with. It’s okay.”

“I am a unifier,” Trump said in Jupiter, Florida tonight. “I unify. You look at all of the things I built all over the world. I’m a unifier. I get along with people. I have great relationships…

It’s yet to be seen whether Trump’s professed unifying skills will have any effect upon the unprecedented #NeverTrump movement. The sheer number of Republicans who have pledged to oppose Trump, spanning from the so-called establishment to the deepest grassroots, presents an electoral liability that will have to be negated. Either Trump will somehow win them back, or he will have to compensate by bringing over blue collar Democrats attracted to his positions on immigration and trade.


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